3 strategies to stop feeling overwhelmed by life

How are your stress levels right now? Are you living in survival mode? 

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Dishes, laundry, dinner, grocery shopping, poopy butts, carpools, activities, date nights, budgets, bills, vacuuming, Bible study, PTA, ministry team… the list goes on and on! Where does rest come in? Where does sanity have a chance to exist?

I get it! I really do. We are told we can do everything and so we try to do everything. We are told that whether we are working, staying at home, in school, single, whatever, that there is always MORE we can be doing to make this life better. 

But what if it’s the opposite? 

What if the key to a better life is less? Is saying NO, even to good things? 

Crystal Paine, the founder of Money Saving Mom and Your Blogging Mentor and the author of bestselling books Money Making Mom and Say Goodbye to Survival Mode is ready to help. She has taken her tips from Say Goodbye to Survival Mode and is ready to teach you what she has learned for overcoming the feeling of overwhelm. The feeling of being stretched too thin. 


3 Strategies

Crystal is offering a FREE live webinar, “3 Strategies to Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed”, where she will be sharing her three proven strategies for reducing the overwhelmed feeling and living a life with purpose and direction. Um, sign me up!

I attended the first webinar she scheduled and I loved hearing how she experienced so many struggles but then because of people close to her speaking truth into her life she was able to overcome the burnout she was living with. And her strategies are EASY to implement into your life! I highly recommend taking the time to listen to this webinar – you don’t necessarily need to WATCH, turn it on in the background while washing dishes or driving and listen to it like a podcast!

I’ve been a reader of Money Saving Mom since about 2008 and I’ve come to love Crystal’s wisdom and heart. She has such a passion for helping women live with intention and grace. She’s honest about her struggles and admits that in the past she has taken on too much and tried to be everything to everyone, even when it was making her sick. I so admire her transparency that despite being a successful entrepreneur, author, wife, and mom, she still struggles! 

The webinar is just a taste of what she learned during her two major burnouts. From her book Say Goodbye to Survival Mode she created a follow-up course. It’s an easy 7 lesson format that will help you break out of the struggle of overwhelm and begin living a life you are excited about again! 

The best parts about this course (straight from Crystal herself): 

  • Each of the video lessons are around 15 minutes longyou can watch them while you’re making dinner or even pull them up and listen to them like a podcast on your phone while you’re driving!

  • You don’t have to read any of the lessons in the handbook/on the course siteif you don’t want to! I wanted to provide the lessons in both written and video format so that you can choose to read the lessons if you’re more of a visual learner. But most of the lessons are nearly word-for-word what I share in the videos!

  • I walk you through the reflection questions at the end of each lessonso that you don’t have to sit down and go through them, if you don’t have time.

  • There is very little course “homework”and most of it is reflective questions that you can mull over while you’re cleaning or washing dishes or waiting in the car pickup line.

  • You can go at your own pacebecause you have lifetime access!


Also, if this is a topic that really touches your heart and you want even more – grab a copy of Crystal’s book, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. The Kindle version is only $6.99 on Amazon right now! And you don’t even need a Kindle to read Kindle books – just download the app to your phone or computer! 

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