Easy Spring Crispy Treats

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Spring has finally reached our neck of the woods! The official start of spring may have been weeks ago but it takes a while for our area to get the memo. Now that it has, though? I want to do all the spring things! We are blowing bubbles, coloring with chalk, riding our bikes, grilling burgers, and making fun spring treats!

My kids gobble up Rice Krispy Treats like they haven’t eaten in weeks so I knew that decorating treats would be a huge win. Decorating squares would be easy but wouldn’t have the same spring like feel. I considered molding them by hand into eggs for Easter but… ain’t nobody got time for that 😉 

Cookie cutters to the rescue! Metal cookie cutters would have made this a bit easier but as long as the treats are still warm and pliable this should be easy. 

Make your treats

Spread them into a greased pan. I chose to use a larger pan so I’d have space to place my scraps without getting anything else dirty. I also used freezer paper to press the treats down so I didn’t get it all over my hands. I love freezer paper!

Make sure the treats are fairly even in thickness and pressed tightly together so they don’t fall apart. 

Use your cookie cutters to cut out the desired shapes but save all the scraps to use again. 

I smushed the scraps together and re-flattened them to get a few more treats out of it. They aren’t as pretty but since we are decorating them and they taste the same, who cares?

For decorating I decided to go with Wilton’s Candy Melts because I knew it would harden so our designs would stay put. I picked up a variety of spring colors. 

I melted each color in a bowl but kept the white to use as a base. The other colors I carefully (kind of) poured them into small squeeze bottles to make decorating easy for the kids. 

Then we decorated! 

Remember how I said I chose the melting candy because I knew it would harden? Well… I forgot how quickly that happened so the candy frequently firmed up in the squeeze tips of the bottles. Thankfully running them under some hot water fixed it and didn’t ruin the candy. 

We also took out sprinkles to add some extra fun to these treats. 

I was so impressed with our kids designs, creativity, and behavior during this activity. They shared the bottles and helped when the little ones needed assistance. And for only being two and a half Anders and Cade really rocked their decorating! 

Grab a box of Rice Krispies, some marshmallows and butter, a few bags of Wilton Candy Melts and create some fun and delicious spring treats for your own crew! 


What treats are you making this spring?

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