Flowers, art show, and a sleepy girl – 7 places I found joy in the chaos this week

Every week I like to take a moment to showcase the moments that brought me the most joy. Sometimes they are awesome activities and other times it’s a sweet moment between the kids. There are always moments that can fill us with joy if we choose to see them with a thankful heart.

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Activities at school are winding up for the end of the year. It’s fun to see what the kids have been working on in their classes. We also had such incredible weather this week that we actually got to break out the shorts! 

1. Blooming flowers

Can I just say how much I love plants that thrive with absolutely no intervention or help from me? I just turn the corner and, BAM, there they are. These beauties are growing along the side of our house and I love seeing them as I walk by every day. Just a little glimpse of something special among the more ordinary views of a house and grass. 


2. Art show

The elementary school hosts an “Art & Pastries” event each spring where they invite the families of students to come in before or after school for a quick snack (this year it was muffins and milk or juice) and then tour the schools to see student art work. I took pictures of all the boy’s projects displayed throughout their areas. I love how much they focus on art and hope the boys continue to love being creative. 


3. Catching the sunrise

On my run on Wednesday I caught a gorgeous sunrise. I purposely planned my route so I would catch most of it. Of course when I took the pictures and video it stopped my Couch to 5k app so I lost my place. I knew I only had two running spurts left so I did my best to run and walk at the right intervals before starting my cool down. I still managed to finish at the right time so I guess I did okay. But seriously, that sunrise <3


4. Warnings of what’s ahead

On Thursday afternoon I was busy painting on the deck. I had all my supplies out and was working on four different projects. It was sunny and beautiful out so I was enjoying the nice weather. Suddenly a gust of wind came through and blew several of my brushes and pallets across the deck and even one into the yard. I ran around gathering it all back up and as I got back to my spot I looked up at the sky and saw this dark sky. I checked the radar but it didn’t show rain in the forecast. The wind continued to blow so I packed everything up as fast as I could, just in case. I got it all inside and moments later I heard the giant CRACK of thunder and watched the fat drops of rain fall to the deck where I had been standing. It made me wonder how often God gives us a warning of what’s ahead and we ignore and plow forward then wonder how this happened. 


5. Sleepy girl

Oh, this sweet girl. We are in a challenging sleep season again so when she does sleep we do a bit of a happy dance. I’m not sure why she has decided that the laundry basket is a good bed but it’s become a semi-frequent occurrence. She just looks so sweet and also slightly uncomfortable. But also sweet.


6. Picking dandelions

 I will never do anything to kill dandelions in our yard because of the immense joy it brings kids. This week the little three picked bouquets as we waited for the big boys to get out of school. They ran back and forth from the wagon to the patches of flowers along the wall to show me how many they had gathered. Pure joy, people. That’s what it looks like. They don’t care that most view these flowers as weeds. They see beauty where most see trash and I think it’s an excellent lesson for us all to learn. 


7. These five

It’s a picture of all five where most are acting like humans rather than crazy animals or trying to cause their siblings to look like crazy animals! We decided to check out Costco for the first time this weekend with Grammy and Papa in tow. Extra hands make for a little easier time in a new and busy place. We also got a membership (had to grab one before they raise the price in June) so I’m looking forward to seeing what we find for a better deal than at Sam’s Club. What are your favorite buys at Costco? 


Where did you find joy in your chaos this week?


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