My Monthly Goals {Update on May Goals & My Goals for June}

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Goals for May

It was a great month for accomplishing goals! I set out what I planned to do and feel ready to face three months of all five kids at home. In fact, this is the first summer in years that I’m not panicking about that thought! The little boys are showing how grown up they are getting by actually staying in the yard and following directions when we play. It’s going to be a fun summer!

1. Family Goal – Complete our study of Acts

We will finish the final day of our Acts study today. There were a few days of illness and we didn’t get a chance to read as a family so we barely finished all 30 days in May. This study was a little above their level but it was also good to hear their answers to questions. I’d be open to doing this study again in a few years when the kids have maybe experienced a bit more life. They don’t fully understand that there are people that don’t like Christians or that we may come across people that don’t agree with our beliefs. But it was a good study that asked quality questions relating to the text. 

2. Home Goal – Prepare for Summer

I wanted to get some food prepped in the freezer and get our schedules set up for summer. I made six frozen pizzas – five pepperoni and one BBQ pork. Those will make for quick lunches with the kids on days we get busy playing. I also mapped out the reading I want to get done with the boys each day. I’m introducing them to Harry Potter! I’m really looking forward to diving in and sharing this world with them. Finally, I printed out the sheets needed for the first Bible study we are going to do together. It’s got coloring sheets and other activities to work on while discussing the topic of “taming our tongues.” I know it’s a subject we can all use help with. 

3. Self Goal – Complete three more weeks of running (finish week four)

I partway through week six in the Couch to 5k program for running! My goal was to get to week four because I wasn’t sure if the weather would cooperate but I stayed on track and I’m into the long and challenging runs now. I’m trying to decide if I want to keep pushing forward with the program as is or modify to repeat a few weeks to let my body adjust a bit more to the long runs. It’s only an 8-week program but I’ve also got vacations coming up that could really throw me off. I will absolutely finish the last three weeks by mid-July though! Then I’ll keep running however I feel most comfortable. 


Goals for June

I spent some time thinking and praying about how to approach my goals and decided focusing on one area was helpful initially but now I need to spread my focus a little more. Now I’ll have a single goal for different areas: family, home, and self. As I continue to see how this works I may expand the number of areas to make sure I’m growing as I need to be. 

1. Family Goal – Start our new summer schedule

Vacation, trips to the library, reading Harry Potter with the big boys, letting the big boys stay up later at night, increasing chores, and park visits are all on the summer wish list. I’ve got a planner with plans mapped out but I know I also don’t want to plan away our summer forget to soak up the days of doing “nothing” around the house. I also don’t want the summer to end and realize we spent it all lounging around the house instead of exploring and adventuring. 

2. Home Goal – Adjust our home management schedule

I’ve been using a schedule I created after taking the Home Management How-To course for a few months ago now and I like the simplicity of it. I like having a day for each area of home management and the ability to switch days around if needed. I’ve also realized that having Kitchen Day and Cleaning Day back to back means I am so pooped by the end that I’m useless. Sometimes even before I get to cleaning day.

I’m switching my days around a bit so both my “on my feet days” aren’t right next to each other. Our week will now be:

  • Monday: Laundry Day (rotate bedding being washed, clean out cat box, clean laundry room)
  • Tuesday: Kitchen Day (cook ahead, stock freezer, clean kitchen)
  • Wednesday: Office Day (work on blog, do school work with little kids)
  • Thursday: Cleaning Day (bathrooms, vacuuming, various rotating chores)
  • Friday: Errands Day (grocery shopping)
  • Saturday: Catch Up Day (finish loose ends, prep for rest day)
  • Sunday: Rest Day (church & family time)

I’m hoping this schedule works better but that’s the beauty of this method – I can move days around if needed! 

3. Self Goal – Finish Couch to 5k

I know I said above that I will finish by mid-July but I want to try and finish before then. I’m simply giving myself grace to know this might not happen. I will have access to a treadmill for part of our vacation but I also know it’s vacation and I’ll be busy with other activities. I’ve got less than three weeks left of the program so I’ll see what I can accomplish and if I need to repeat a few weeks, so be it. Mostly I just want to keep running because that time out of the house in the morning is a huge help to my sanity. 


What are your goals this month? Do you need an accountability partner? Let us know your goals in the comments and we can help keep each other on track!


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