Sunglasses, hats, and women’s group – four places I found joy in the chaos this week

Every week I like to take a moment to showcase the moments that brought me the most joy. Sometimes they are awesome activities and other times it’s a sweet moment between the kids. There are always moments that can fill us with joy if we choose to see them with a thankful heart.

I hardly took any pictures this week. I remember having a pretty great week with the kids but then I remembered we spent a good deal of time on the deck in the sunshine. So yeah, less pictures this week but still moments to be thankful for, always. 


1. Sunglasses on goofy kids

Does this need explanation as to why it brought me joy? Silly kids made extra silly and adorable with sunglasses. 


2. New painting

I’ve hit the end of my time for creating art for my MOPS group. I’m taking a new leadership position so I took the chance to make several pieces before the end of the year and this is definitely one of my favorites. I think I might need to make one for myself because I love it so much. 


3. Trying on hats

We stopped in the girls section at Target so I could browse the clearance racks (total duds) but the boys found these floppy hats. They giggled as they danced around the racks of clothes until we put them back. 


4. Women’s Spring Fling

Our church hosted a “Women’s Spring Fling” event yesterday. We learned about self care, ideas for rest and relaxation, and got tips for better sleep. We also ate a wonderful brunch plus got to color Bible verse bookmarks and make beaded anklets. Someone posted this picture of me super focused on my bookmark design so I snagged it since there is no one else in the picture. I’ll have to share a picture of my bookmarks once I finish them!


Where did you find joy this week?


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