Coloring, Harry Potter, and Friends – 5 times I found joy in the chaos this week

Every week I like to take a moment to showcase the moments that brought me the most joy. Sometimes they are awesome activities and other times it’s a sweet moment between the kids. There are always moments that can fill us with joy if we choose to see them with a thankful heart.

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Our first full week back home! We are settling into our new summer routine and it’s working really well. I can tell the kids needed that structure back because the little guys have been taking 2-3 hour naps and sleeping in in the morning and even Mercedes – Miss “I don’t need to nap” – took a couple. Hallelujah! But let’s check out the highlights. 

1. Coloring

Because of awesome nap times I was able to spend a bit of time in my Psalms coloring book and I actually finished a page! I’ve only worked on two pages in this book. I’m getting really close on the other but it’s significantly more detailed so it’s taking more time. I love the way coloring makes me slow down and focus. 


2. Harry Potter

I’ve been waiting for this summer for several years! I told the boys when they finished second grade (Parker) and first grade (Jamison) that we would read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone together. I got the illustrated edition for Christmas and it’s GORGEOUS. It’s fascinating to see the world through their eyes. 

And just ignore the exploding couch… five kids and a couch do not mix well. Real life, y’all. 


3. Park adventure

The kids have been begging to go to the park but I’m still a little gun shy about taking all five of them somewhere on my own – especially somewhere wide open like the park. I fully expect the little guys to take off in different directions But I want to be brave again this summer so up to the park we went. Everyone got along and did a great job listening. I’m very glad I took the chance to see just what they are capable of these days. 


4. Friends

On Thursday there was a knock at our door – it was a boy that used to live next door! He moved not to far away so he is allowed to bike to our house. The kids loved having him over and it helped me remember my mission to be the mom that invites the kids in and treats them as her own. I want my kids’ friends to feel welcome and safe here! He came before lunch and I sent him home at quiet time. Then he came back in the afternoon until dinner! I think we will be seeing quite a bit of him this summer. 


5. He’s growing up

Cade has started wearing underwear to bed! He woke up dry all week in a diaper so we figured we’d give it a chance and so far he’s done great! Both boys sleep in underwear at naps and even Anders has had a night or two of a dry diaper this week. Could it be? Are we really this close to being diaper free? That’s a huge milestone in the parenting world and after almost 9 years we are ready to move on! Although I will miss our cute cloth diapers 😉 (Looking for potty training tips? Check them out here.)


Where did you find joy in your chaos this week? 


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