The easiest way to get started with a capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes offer a multitude of outfit choices with minimal pieces. Create your own at a low cost with all the guess work taken out!

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I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe. A minimal amount of clothing (which I’ve really been working towards) that can be mixed and matched to create dozens of different looks for just about any occasion. I can only imagine how simple this would make getting dressed each day!

Sometimes I feel like I have a capsule wardrobe because I seem to wear the same items over and over but then I realize I don’t actually mix and match my pieces to make different looks, I only swap which tshirt I pair with what pants or capris, rinse and repeat. It’s the non fashionista version of a capsule wardrobe, I guess? I’m not trendy enough to know what to pair together to create a true capsule wardrobe.

Thank goodness there are stylists like those at Cents of Style that can make the process effortless!

It’s the Fashion Friday Capsule Wardrobe Collection – Mix & Match to get your favorites that you can wear any way!

There are 3 separate codes for the deal today based on the size collection you want to purchase so make sure you enter the correct code to get the discount!

*Buy 2: For a 2-Piece collection, you will use code FF2CAPSULE. This takes 30% off the total price.

So what can you do with 2 pieces? How about a pencil skirt and tank for just $31? Or a pencil skirt and wrap that can be worn as a scarf, kimono or wrap for just $42? Or the pencil skirt and sandals for just $42!


*Buy 4: For a 4-Piece collection, you will use code FF4CAPSULE. This code takes 40% off the total price.

The combinations here are endless. Love both bottoms, tank and sandal? Get all 4 for just $65! Need a dress? Get our swing dress, chambray top, sandals & tank for $82! (And don’t forget to check below for that bounceback cash!)


*Buy 8: For the total (8-Piece) collection, you will use code FF8CAPSULE. This code takes 50% off the total price. It’s an insane deal that makes the full 24 looks for about $140. It makes each item under $18, and when you factor in the bounceback cash (see below!) it means you spent just $15 per piece. That’s the type of deal you can’t pass up!


In addition, just to sweeten the deal for readers that really want to try out the capsule collection idea, Cents of Style is offering bounceback cash! Anyone that orders a 4 piece collection will receive $10 bounceback cash that will be good on a $20 purchase, and anyone that purchases all 8 items will receive $20 bounceback cash to use on any $40 purchase! The cash will be sent in a separate email after purchase that will go out on Monday, July 10th, and will be good for any purchase July 21st to July 30th (please note that it can’t be combined with any other offer). So if you buy the entire capsule collection, you are pretty much getting 8 pieces and an entire wardrobe for just $120!

What an incredible deal to get a whole new wardrobe that offers so many combinations of styles! You’d be able to wear a different look every day for nearly a month! Simply amazing. By buying all 8 pieces you save 50% plus shipping is free. 

The sale ends on 7/9 so don’t delay picking out your pieces. And one of my favorite perks – shipping is always free!


Do you have a capsule wardrobe? What pieces do you have and how many total items are in it? Share in the comments how you assembled your wardrobe!


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