Chickens and Raindrops – four places I found joy in the chaos this week

Every week I like to take a moment to showcase the moments that brought me the most joy. Sometimes they are awesome activities and other times it’s a sweet moment between the kids. There are always moments that can fill us with joy if we choose to see them with a thankful heart.

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This week has been a preview of life when school starts – the big boys are at Micah’s parents so I’ve “only” got three kids at home. Um, I think five kids might be easier! With the big boys around I can ask them to throw in loads of wash or help clean up after a meal. The three littler kids want to help but aren’t able to do a whole lot. They can’t carry glass items and certainly can’t flip loads! Not to mention that the little ones are constantly asking for the big boys and wanting to know why they aren’t home yet. They better soak up these last few weeks before the year starts. 


1. Chickens, dogs, and friends

We drove out to a friend’s house this week for some fun play time and grown up conversations for the two stay at home moms 😉 The kids ran around the yard, dug in the dirt, and fed the chickens loads of grass. Mercedes, Miss-I-don’t-like-dogs, was running around, petting, and even giving hugs and kisses to the dogs by the end of our visit. It was a fabulous day of fun, pancakes, and laughter!

When we left the kids fell asleep in the car almost instantly so I drove around for a bit, picked up coffee for Micah and I, and dropped one off at his work. Then the kids and I grabbed donuts from our favorite place for snack. We’ve got to have our own special fun when the big boys are away!


2. Raindrops

We had storms rolling in this week and as I watched the spots start show up on the deck I decided to open up the deck and send the kids out to dance in the rain. Just like with the puddles they burst with excitement. It was something so simple but incredibly special to them. 


3. Working alongside me

I had some blogging work to get done the other morning and because the big boys aren’t around to help entertain the little boys I brought them to the table with playdoh and they played while I worked. They made cupcakes, cookies, pizza, and who knows what else! I got some work done. Was it distraction free? Of course not. But I’m trying to figure out how to be a work at home mom and it’s good for them to learn to play along side me. 


4. This book! 

The books I have been blessed to read by being a blogger always seem to come at the perfect time and I’m blown away over and over by what I’m reading. In the beginning of 2016 it was Loving My Actual Life. Last fall it was Renewed Joy. This year I was on the launch for Never Unfriended and now it’s More Than Just Making It by Erin Odom. I’ll have more to share on this book in a couple weeks but Erin’s words are so beautiful and heartfelt that I can’t hold back from sharing! This book has helped me to remember that even the smallest of blessings are from God and to see all provisions as a gift from our Heavenly Father. 

If you preorder the book now – before September 5th – you can claim over $220 of bonuses over at the book’s website including a two month subscription to You Need A Budget, a 30-day gratitude journal, and What’s For Dinner e-course to help you learn how to meal plan. 


Where did you find joy in the chaos this week?

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