What I’m Reading {August}

Here’s what’s on my reading list in August 2017

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I’ve been on a book roll this month and wanted to share a round up and quick blurb about the books I’ve finished in August and those I’m still working on. I’m really enjoying having several books going on at once because I can pick up what I’m in the mood for each day rather than needing to get all the way through one book before moving on to a new type. 

1. Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker

I got this book from SheSpeaks to help spread the word before it was released. I was skeptical about this book because I had never heard of the author and mystery/suspense books can quickly go south but I was pleasantly surprised! This book kept me turning pages as I dove further and further into the story to find out what happened to the main character, Cass, and her sister, Emma, after they went missing three years prior. 

If you enjoy the types of books that keep you glued to the page until you figure out “who dun it” then I believe you will enjoy Emma in the Night. If you are interested in the book and want to check it out before you buy you can get a free 5 chapter sample on Amazon right now!


2. More than Just Making It by Erin Odom

Erin Odom, The Humbled Homemaker, shares her family’s story of going from a two income home to needing to apply for government assistance while eight months pregnant with their third child. There was nothing they could do to make ends meet – they had no debt other than a mortgage – they simply had an income problem. 

Through her story Erin shares over and over how she saw God provide, sometimes in the most unexpected ways, for all her family’s needs. She was humbled having to ask for assistance after growing up in an upper middle class family. Wisdom, hope, and advice are woven in to her story so those finding themselves in the same financially frustrating moments of more month than money can find hope in their own situations. 

More Than Just Making It releases on September 5th and if you pre-order your copy now you can claim over $200 in bonuses! After you order your book head to morethanjustmakingit.com and enter in your receipt information to get bonuses like two free months to You Need a Budget, a printable gratitude journal, What’s for Dinner Challenge and a membership to Eat at Home membership. 


3. He Calls You Beautiful by Dee Brestin

I received this book from Blogging for Books. I’ve never dug into the Song of Songs but I know what a powerful and unique book of the Bible it is. I really appreciated that from the start Dee Brestin lays out the fact that this book is both an illustration of marriage and of our relationship with Christ. If we view this book through only one of the lenses then we will miss the richness woven throughout this book. 

I’ve only just started this study but I can already tell that my faith and understanding of my relationship with Christ and Micah will be that much stronger because of this study. 


4. Loving My Actual Christmas

In Spring of 2016 I was a part of my very first book launch for Alexandra Kuykendall’s book, Loving My Actual Life. It inspired me so much because it put into words what I was trying express with my own life. It might not be as photogenic, jet setting, or lavish as others, but it is MINE and I need to love the life I have, not the life I wish I had. Or the life I might have when my kids get older – the life right now with the dirty dishes, the piles of laundry, the student loans, and the five very loud children. It was totally a God thing to be put on that launch team because it helped me form a more cohesive reason for my own blog – to help others find joy in the chaos of their everyday life! 

When Alexandra first let slip that she was working on Loving My Actual Christmas I wanted to know when I could sign up for the launch team again… and this was nearly a year ago! Now it’s finally time and I’m ready to dive in. I’m beyond vocal about the ridiculousness that Christmas has become. Yes, I love baking and Christmas parties and crafts and presents – but I’m learning what is necessary versus what is extra fluff versus what is disposable. I’ve learned to keep plans simple and realistic and know that there is a good chance of chaos no matter how simple we try to keep things 😉 


What I plan on reading in September (so far) :


What’s on your reading list right now? Do you have any book recommendations for me? 


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