Three Devotionals to meet you where you’re at, light your path, or heal your heart

Devotionals are an excellent way to learn from others experience and reflect on the word of God. Here are three devotionals for you to check out now. 

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Devotionals were my go to during those incredibly long busy newborn days. I barely had enough brain power to put clothes on let alone read – and remember – the Bible. I needed the wisdom of others to help me get into the Word or it wasn’t going to happen. I found devotionals aimed directly at moms so I could soak up the stories and realize I wasn’t alone in the exhaustion, guilt, happiness, and hormones. 

I still really enjoy devotionals. I rarely go a day without reading one, but now they aren’t my sole source of Biblical food. I’ve learned I enjoy doing chapter by chapter studies of the books of the Bible so I can understand the bigger picture better. Last week I finished a study on Matthew and now I’m finishing a reading plan I stopped a long time ago when I had too many studies going at once. It’s an overview of the major events and stories in the Bible and right now I’m in Job. But despite my other reading I still reach for a devotional each day. They are like a little whipped cream on a sundae. Not mandatory or even absolutely necessary, but oh so delightful. 

That being said, here are three devotionals I’ve come across recently that I think are really something special. Take a peek and see if one stands out. 

1. A Moment to Breathe

A Moment to Breathe is a unique devotional because it contains 365 devotionals put together by about 80 different women! (In)courage gathered stories from all these women in various stages and walks of life as reminders to pause and take a breath. The stories are beautiful, heartfelt, often convicting. There are several that I’ve already read multiple times because I need to let the truth it contains soak in. Each devotional is only a few paragraphs long so it really only takes moments to read each day. There is also a “moment to breath” exercise at the bottom of each page with a simple step to take.


2. 31 Proverbs to Light Your Path

I picked this book out from Blogging for Books and I’m really enjoying the format. Liz Curtis Higgs chooses one verse in Proverbs each day then breaks the verses down into even smaller chunks and uses multiple translations to gain a greater understanding. All this is done in a conversational tone that helps put the reader at ease rather than feeling like one is listening to a lecture. As a bonus to these devotional style lessons there is also a discussion guide in the back to turn this book into an individual or small group study. There are only a few questions per chapter but they pull in other verses from the Bible to pull the whole story together. I’m looking forward to checking out some of her other books that are written in a similar fashion.


3. Loved Baby

October is Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awareness month and when I won this book from Cari Jehlik with the condition that I needed to share it on my blog I immediately agreed. I’m no stranger to miscarriage. I had back to back losses in between my second and third children. I’ve written several posts about it. I wish I had had this devotional when I was in the midst of the pain. Each chapter ends with “soul work”, a simple task or two to help you find healing, remember the sweet baby you lost, and let yourself grieve, as well as “prayer time,” I’m so thankful Sarah Philpott includes prayers because while I was grieving my losses I had no words to cry out to God. All I had were sobs. Her prayers are genuine but simple. Extra words aren’t needed and I could imagine myself reading these prayers over and over as a cry to God during my losses.


Do you enjoy devotionals? What devotionals would you recommend to others? 

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