Building LEGO & memorizing verses – 4 places I found joy in the chaos this week

Every week I like to take a moment to showcase the moments that brought me the most joy. Sometimes they are awesome activities and other times it’s a sweet moment between the kids. There are always moments that can fill us with joy if we choose to see them with a thankful heart.

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I should have known I was next in line to get sick! After a week of the flu and colds bouncing around the kids I got hit on Monday. Thankfully it seemed to be mostly in my sinuses and throat and I never got the aches or a fever so I don’t think it was the flu. I cuddled on the couch for two days before being mostly functional on Wednesday. By Thursday I was back to normal only to get hit with something else on Saturday and I spent most of the day in bed. I’m ready to be healthy again and back to my normal routine!

1. Building a new LEGO set

We gave Mercedes a Super Hero Girls LEGO set  (it’s on sale right now on Amazon!) for her birthday (that we found for half price at Target last summer!) and we spent Tuesday afternoon during the little boys naps working on it. She loves that she doesn’t need to nap every day now that she’s 5 and that we can spend some extra time together doing fun activities. Some days she spends time in her room playing alone but I think at least once a week I’ll let her stay up with me for a bit for some one on one time.

And she is getting so great at LEGO! She got “neglected” the most in terms of LEGO skills out of all our kids because of the timing of her birth and the arrival of her twin brothers. The older boys were building regular sets by age 4 but she didn’t have the fine motor skills since all our LEGO was kept far away when she was two and three. She’s catching up quickly though. LEGO is a great way to work on fine motor skills 😀

2. New memory verse practice

I did memory verses a lot when the big boys were little but I’ve fallen out of the habit. We do devotionals every morning but I decided we needed to work on hiding God’s word in our heart with more intention. Using the chalkboard I installed on our front hall closet I am now listing a new verse each week and trying to remember to have them repeat it each day. I chose this verse in Philippians first because of some not so nice attitudes going around, especially about chores. I’m working on gathering a list of good memory verses to keep on hand but I also want to be sensitive to truths our kids need to learn based on what we are currently dealing with in the house. Maybe I’ll come up with a list to share with all of you!

3. It’s a letter!

“Hey mommy! Look, it’s a letter!”

Oh, sweet boy, you are right! He drew this H all by himself on the doodle pad. We don’t practice a huge amount of writing with them right now because they are only three but he’s clearly been paying attention to his sister’s work, the LeapFrog videos we watch, and playing on his LeapPad. I know by the time we start preschool in a couple years they will be more than ready to take on the world!

4. The Flash

I guess the Flash lives with us! Cade was busy climbing on Micah during our bedtime routine and Anders flew by in a blurr. Nothing crazy (other than just the normal crazy in this house) but this pictures was just too funny to keep to myself.


Where did you find joy in the chaos this week? What was your favorite part of the week?

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