How we can learn from the past to parent the future {Leaving Your Mom Legacy Book Review}

Using the Bible as a guide, we can look at the moms from the past and discover how to leave a legacy that points to Christ for our children. This Leaving Your Mom Legacy book review goes over how the devotional works and my impressions of the study.

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Close your eyes. Think about your life, and the lives of your children, ten years, twenty years, thirty years into the future. What do you dream for them? 

I dream about having a home large enough for our five kids and their friends to have a safe place to gather. And eventually the kids plus their spouses and children to spend time together. I dream about snuggling with grandkids and looking around at the faces of my children and their spouses and seeing love and laughter. Most of all, I dream about my kids following the passions God has given them whether it be in construction, art, teaching, ministry, or something else altogether. 

I can’t think of anything that would make me prouder as a parent than to see my kids follow Christ. 

Yes, I would love them to get married and have kids. Yes, it would be great for them to find success in what they choose to do. Yes, I would absolutely love for them to live nearby. 

But none of that is as important as dedicating it all to God. 

My great-grandma was an incredible follower of Christ. She had a necklace with small boy and girl cutouts engraved with every child, grandchild, and great grandchild’s name. I don’t think she could even wear it once the great-grandkids starting getting added because it was too heavy! She used that necklace to pray over every single one of us, every single day. I still get teary thinking about her!

If there was ever an example of a woman I want to grow to be, she is it. She loved unconditionally and prayed without ceasing. I can hear her gentle voice singing “How Great Thou Art” to this day when it starts to play. 

 My great grandparents with my aunt and uncle at their wedding in 1977.
My great grandparents with my aunt and uncle at their wedding in 1977.

Did all of her children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren choose to follow Christ? Nope. Or at least not yet. But those seeds are planted and they very well could someday. I finally took that step in college and it could very well still happen for others in our family. 

We might each have a story of someone in our past that impacted our life towards Christ. It might be a grandparent, parent, teacher, or friend. These people lived in a way that showed us who Christ was, even if we didn’t understand the full story yet. 

And this is who we need to be for our own children. We need to be living in a way that shows our kids the life found in Christ is more than here on earth, but for eternity in heaven. 

We can learn so much from those who have come before us, and I’m not only talking about those in our own families. The Bible is filled with examples of mothers and the legacy they left behind, ready to teach us how to be better mothers to our own children. 

To be perfectly honest, my Bible knowledge is not super great. I can remember basics but story details do not stick in my brain. I am so thankful there are people out there who have a passion for studying pulling out stories in the Bible and presenting them in a way that makes them easier to remember. 

leaving your mom legacy book review

Leaving Your Mom Legacy book review

In her new Bible study, Leaving Your Mom Legacy: A 30-Day Devotional on Reflecting Christ, Kristina Gorr pulls out the mothers in the lineage of Christ and shares what these women did right as mothers – and how they screwed up – and how God still used them to leave the ultimate legacy of all, Jesus. Some of these moms had some MAJOR issues, but they are still included in the Bible for us to learn from.

Our pasts might not be squeaky clean. In fact, if we think they are, we are probably lying to ourselves! We all have made mistakes, said and done the wrong thing at times, and yet we are still loved by God – just like these women!

leaving your mom legacy book review

The second half of the devotional focuses on how to be a mom that leaves a legacy of Christ for her kids. Each day is relatively simple, but at the same time so easy to forget because of human nature. We need to be moms that pray; we need to be moms that forgive, and we need to be moms that are a part of the body of Christ.

As I went through day after day of this devotional I saw my great-grandma in each of the descriptions of a mom that reflects the Gospel and know it’s the kind of legacy I want to leave for my own family. 

So what about you? When you close your eyes and think about the future, what legacy are you leaving for your children? How are you living a life that reflects the Gospel?

What can you learn from the past to help you parent the future?

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Leaving your mom legacy book review

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing a bit about your hopes and dreams of motherhood, and how your great grandma set such a great example. So grateful for you!

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