2020 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Review – My Honest Thoughts

Have you heard about the 2020 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and want to know more? I’ve purchased the bundle and looked through all the resources to give my completely honest thoughts so you can decide if you’d like to purchase your own copy!

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This is the first year in I don’t even know how many that the team at Ultimate Bundles has not released the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle in early spring. But with good reason!

Spring looked very different for all of us. Schools closed, many people moved from working outside the home to working at home, and life in general is just different.

Ultimate Bundles decided launching their biggest bundle right at the beginning of a season of unknowns wasn’t the right plan. Instead, they put together a mini Stay At Home Bundle to help us at that moment and pushed off the launch of this bundle until the beginning of summer so we could all get a little better grasp on what our lives would be like for a while.

And now that time is finally here!

This review is going to go over the nitty gritty of what the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is and how it can help (or not help) you. I want this to be an honest review so I’ll be covering who this bundle is for, who shouldn’t buy it, my favorite products, and my final impressions.

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020

What is the 2020 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

Every year since 2012 the team at Ultimate Bundles has put together a collection of resources and products from your favorite bloggers centered around making homemaking easier.  Since 2012 over 127,000 women have purchased a copy to learn practical strategies for decreasing stress and making a home (and life!) they love.

While this is the 8th Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, it’s not the same products as prior years. Nope! Each year they ask bloggers, entrepreneurs and other creators to submit their work and then the team at Ultimate Bundles looks through each product to make sure they are accepting a wide variety of topics and resources that best fit the bundle.

The creators behind these resources are dozens upon dozens of women that are dealing with the same things you are in life. They are trying to be good parents to their kids. They are trying to save money and stick to a budget. They are looking for ways to supplement their income and manage their homes without losing their minds.

Who is the 2020 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for?


The majority of the products in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle are aimed at women with kids, plain and simple. You don’t have to be a mom to purchase or find value in the bundle, but at least half the products are about parenting, motherhood, or activities for kids.


While a man could get some wisdom from some of the products, almost all are written for a target audience of women. Obviously resources about decluttering, cleaning, organization, and general faith growth could be used by all, but the courses about fashion, make-up, and women’s faith will be a miss for the guys.

Anyone looking to learn new skills, improve their homemaking, and create a home/life they love

There is such a huge variety of information in this bundle that most people can find a topic or a handful of resources that excites them in this bundle. If you are looking to clear the clutter out of your home there are eight decluttering resources. With homeschooling being on the table for so many people this fall you might be interested to know there are seven items to help you in your journey. And you will love the eleven faith resources to help you grow your relationship with Christ.

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020

Who isn’t the 2020 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for?

Families who are struggling financially

I would never insist you purchase a product that would take money away from you paying your bills and providing for your family. Yes, these products are great, but not at the expense of your well-being. There are plenty of quality free resources out there that can help you in many of these areas.

The bundle costs $29.97 and there were years when that was over half our weekly grocery budget. Please don’t purchase this bundle if it is going to take away from what you really need in life.

People who collect but never use what they buy

If you tend to purchase things (both physical and digital) because they are a super great deal but never get around to using the items, then this will not be a great idea for you. Why add 100+ more digital items to your life and then never utilize them?

For some people the idea of 100+ resources is overwhelming so they have no idea where to start. Ultimate Bundles offers a cheat sheet upgrade for the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for an extra $10. It is a guide to help you understand what each resource covers in a short amount of time so you can decide exactly which products to dive into first.

I’ll admit that there are some bundles that I’ve purchased but gotten little use out of due to my own inaction. The resources were AMAZING but I didn’t put for the effort to use what was included. Then there are other years when I’ve gone through well over half and definitely gotten my money’s worth.

Homemaking gurus that struggle with nothing whatsoever

If you are someone that struggles with nothing at all then this bundle has nothing to offer you. Clearly there are never dirty dishes in your sink and your coffee table is free of clutter. You are the perfect parent, spouse, and friend. You have everything in your world organized, you’ve mastered the art of everything, and are simply perfect in every way 😉

Okay, obviously that is an extreme exaggeration but if you aren’t feeling like there is something in this bundle that can help you right now, then don’t buy it. Seek out a product or free resource that helps you where you are, not what someone else insists you need for a non-existent problem in your life.

What is the value and cost of the 2020 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

The 2020 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle contains 52 products worth $1298.36. The value of the products comes from what creators charge for their products when sold on their own. The price you pay is $29.97.

There is an upgrade option:

  • Add on the cheat sheets to help you go through the bundle faster, making it easier to choose which resources are right for you and deciding where to start. The cheat sheets cost an additional $10.

What is included in the 2020 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

The bundle alone includes

  • 14 eCourses
  • 9 eBooks
  • 16 planners & printables
  • 9 workbooks
  • 2 membership sites
  • 1 summit

You’ll also get bonuses worth $316.99 which include:

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020

And don’t forget the Early Bird Bonus if you purchase in the first 48 hours!

I’m a huge fan of Alison and her Outfit Formulas and own several of her capsule wardrobe formulas. She helped me figure out how to put outfits together and actually enjoy getting dressed! I love following her on Instagram to get new ideas each season and I really appreciate that she encourages shopping in your closet instead of hitting up the stores right away.

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020

What is different in the 2020 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle compared to prior years?

The team at Ultimate Bundles really wants to focus on aspects of homemaking that aren’t included in their other bundles, and I get that. This means that a few areas that are usually included or more elaborate are cut out or trimmed down.

There are no budgeting/finance resources

Just like last year, the money/finance/budgeting resources that used to be included in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle have been moved to their own bundle, the Master Your Money Mini Bundle. The sale for that bundle is over now, but you can sign up to be notified if it goes on sale again by clicking on the link.

There are only a couple meal planning resources

Since the introduction of the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle several years ago, the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle no longer contains an abundance of recipes or meal planning resources. This year there are only 5 but they are worth over $100!

There are less parenting and marriage resources

Usually, the parenting and marriage sections are my favorite because there is so much to dig through. This year there is only a handful of each. Some of the resources in other areas can fall under parenting but for the most part this seems like the weakest section this year.

What are the pros & cons of the 2020 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

Pro: Homeschool section

When schools closed this spring, families were thrust into schooling at home. It was not ideal for many and the systems the schools set up were not always a good fit. Looking forward to fall, many families are unsure what schooling will look like and others have decided to homeschool. The resources seem to be aimed at a younger audience but still helpful.

Con: Smaller overall bundle

Last year there were 104 products included. This year there are only 52. That’s half the amount of items for the same price. The value also decreased by about $1000. Even though it’s still a great deal at only $29.97, it doesn’t feel quite as great when you compare it to last year and other years before 2020.

Pro: Faith section is bigger

Last year the faith section got a drastic reduction because they created the Invest in your Faith Mini Bundle as an add-on to the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. This year there are eleven faith resources for families, kids, and personal growth. I personally really enjoy this section of the bundle every year so I was glad to see it included with the regular bundle again.

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020

What are the best products in the 2020 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

This is always such a challenge to list because what I think is the best might be the complete opposite of you! And not to mention it would be incredibly easy for me to list 30+ things and still want to add more. I’m going to try to keep this list between 5-10 resources that I am most excited about or that I enjoyed going through the most. Hopefully a few spark your interest!

  • Pray Without Ceasing: Prayer Journal (Workbook) by Rachel Newcomb $7.00
    A feminine journal will uplift your spirits, grow your prayer life and give you the opportunity to reflect on your relationship with Christ.
    • I like that this workbook gives a passage to read each day, a focus verse, and asks questions to bring you further into your study. It also contains a page for prayers each day.
  • 5 Days of Cleaning Motivation (eCourse) by Joanie Boeckman $20.00
    The eCourse you need to go from domestically challenged to domestically motivated.
    • While I do an okay job of keeping our house functioning at a base level, I appreciate a kick in the pants every so often to do a little more. And this is only a five-day challenge!
  • Work Yourself Out of a Job Household Chore Templates & Checklists (Printable) by Erin Odom $22.50
    A packet of cleaning cheat sheets and checklists to help parents teach their children how to clean various rooms around their home. 
    • I’m a huge fan of Erin’s and love her sweet and honest approach to life. The title of this printable pack speaks for itself – we as parents should all want to work ourselves out of a job by teaching our kids how to manage the home!
  • Take 10 Challenge (eCourse) by Laura Coppinger $17.00
    Learn to take just 10 minutes each morning to help you put 10 delicious real food meals on the table at night!
    • I know the benefits of planning meals but just because I know what’s for dinner doesn’t mean I’m always on top of making it! This email course helps you take just a few minutes each morning prepping dinner to make your evenings a breeze.
  • Not So Bummer Summer (eCourse) by JoAnn Crohn $49.00
    Your kids will entertain themselves this summer – without being glued to their screens.
    • This course isn’t all about crafts and typical summer activities. This is actually a course for your kids to help them set a goal and learn how to make that goal achievable. I love the steps she walks the kids through so they learn brainstorming, breaking it down into smaller chunks, and negotiating with parents 😉
  • 50 Days to Frugal (Workbook) by Heather O’Donnell $19.00
    Money-saving missions to transform your finances one tiny step at a time
    • These simple but helpful challenges will get you focused on your money-saving goals in less than two months! The workbook will keep you on track so you can look back at your why and what you’ve learned along the way.

Even only looking at these six resources that I singled out my total is $134.50, which is nearly 4.5 times the cost of the bundle.

This is how I determine when bundles are actually worth it for me – are the resources I want to use more than the cost of the bundle? If I was only interested in about $60 worth of printables or orther items, it probably wouldn’t be worth it to me, but 4.5 times the cost is pretty reasonable. And there are others I might take a gander at as well, these were just the ones I want to start with now.

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020

My final impressions

While I think the 2020 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle contains several quality products that make the bundle worth the cost, it’s definitely not the best bundle they’ve ever put together. There are a couple topics they didn’t include this year that I’ve grown to enjoy like creativity and self-care.

If you haven’t purchased one before, there is definitely a wide variety of resources that can help you in the areas you want to grow. You simply need to decide if the cost of the bundle is worth the resources you plan on using.

Alright, hopefully, that whole spiel answered some questions and helped you decide if the 2020 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a good choice for you and your family. I’d love to hear what bundle products have sparked your interest and what you plan on diving into first!

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2020

Will you be purchasing the 2020 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle? What resources are you excited to use?

Let others know what you think in the comments!

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