The best healthy snacks for road trips your whole family will love

Stop the mindless binging in the car and choose these healthy snacks for road trips that will keep everyone satisfied! (Note: This post may contain affiliate links. I will earn a small commission if you use my links to purchase a product but your purchase price does not change. Check out the disclosure policy to …

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The Beginner’s Guide to Batch Cooking

Over ten years ago when I first started getting hands-on in the kitchen (meaning trying to make things from scratch) I had no idea what batch cooking was. Blogging was only beginning to be a thing so there weren’t thousands of people telling you all about it. In fact, I only followed a few blogs at that point and I don’t remember them ever using the term!

I was simply doing what made sense in my head – “I’m already getting the dishes dirty, I have the ingredients on hand, I may as well make a double (triple, quadruple, etc) batch and stick the rest in the freezer for another meal. It will save me a mess and time later! Wow, I’m so smart.”

Yes, ten-years-ago-Katie thought she was something special. I mean, I am pretty awesome, but it’s so much more than batch cooking that makes me cool 😉 Anyway…

Why we stopped sorting laundry

Is sorting laundry necessary? Not in our family! We discovered how to do laundry in a much easier way, how to wash our colors, darks, and lights together, and how to prevent stains and colors bleeding. Find out how to save time in the laundry room!

5 easy rewards programs to save money on groceries and household essentials

I’m not using these rewards to cut our grocery budget drastically. Instead I’m using them to tuck away a little bit here and there for buying items that are already on my list so we have some extra cash for fun splurges or Christmas and birthday gifts. Again, it’s not going to put mega bucks in your pocket, but if you are already shopping, what does it hurt to spend a few minutes uploading your receipt to a few places to earn some pocket change? 

2017 Clutter Buster Challenge Week 51: Wrapping Paper & Gift Bags

If you are like me you are spending these few final days leading up to Christmas knee deep in tissue, wrapping paper, and gift bags. You’ve probably lost the tape a few times, scrambled around for the scissors or a pen and wonder if ribbon is really necessary (hint: it’s not!). While you are in the middle of wrapping all these gifts, take a gander at your supplies and declutter at the same time!