Meal Planning

Large Family Grocery Budget: How we feed our family of 7 for under $400/month

The family grocery budget wasn’t really a conversation I ever had with my parents growing up. I remember cutting coupons with my mom and her envelope that she brought to the store. I remember treating grocery shopping like a treasure hunt for the items on the coupons. But the actual numbers? Those were never talked about.

Now that I’m a mom, my kids probably think I spend too much time talking about our grocery budget! I want them to understand that the food we costs money and that in order for our overall budget to work and allow me to stay at home with them, we need to pay attention to what we spend as a family on our groceries. I want them to leave our home knowing how to plan meals, make a grocery list, and budget appropriately.

But how do we get to the point of creating not only a meal plan and grocery list, but also a reasonable family grocery budget?

Weekly Menu Plan #100 + a look at the weekly grocery shopping for our family of 7

This is it – the FINAL meal plan featured on the blog! In an effort to cut down on the amount of time I spend writing posts I had to think and pray long and hard about what to keep posting and what to eliminate. Last year I was posting four times each week. While I enjoyed writing my posts it was also A LOT of work to stay on top of constantly. Cutting it down to two per week is going to give me significantly more breathing room while also allowing more time to connect with readers and focus on quality posts rather than the quantity of posts. 

Weekly Menu Plan #99 + a look at the weekly grocery shopping for our family of 7

Two weeks in a row at Aldi- what? Micah and I decided that healthier choices needed to be a priority this year so we are trying to cut the amount of carbs we are eating and adding more veggies to each meal. The kids aren’t huge fans of this change but they are slowly, very slowly, coming around. We are still feeding them some of their favorites like pancakes and quick breads with their eggs but we are skipping and eating more loaded omelettes. Baby steps 😉

Weekly Menu Plan #98 + a look at the weekly grocery shopping for our family of 7

Happy New Year weekend! We are repeating a few of the same appetizers from Christmas Eve (we prepped extra when we made them the first time) plus we are adding in french fries and mini tacos in place of meatballs and shrimp. But that’s about as exciting as we get around here. The kids will still be in bed at a fairly normal hour and while we might see midnight, it’s mostly because we don’t need to leave the house the next day and not because we we want to see the year switch over.