10 Easy Summer Sides

Summer is in full swing and potlucks, picnics, and family gatherings abound! But what should you bring? Do you pick up a bag of chips or tray of cookies on your way or do you throw together something at home? I usually make something unless I’m super crazy low on time but I keep staples in the house that allow me to whip up a side dish or dessert on the fly.

But these dishes have me thinking that I may need to change my staples up a bit! These dishes all look so fresh and filled with the flavors of summer that I really want a buffet filled with just these foods! I know Micah is gagging at the thought of most of these dishes (he is NOT on board with peppers, onions, or chunks of tomatoes) but he doesn’t need to eat them – more for me! 

As with all of my round-ups, these are not my pictures or recipes. Click on the recipe name or the photo to be taken to the original site. Thanks!

Cream Cheese Kolaches {Recipe}

Soft pastries packed with the flavor of cream cheese. Kolaches are a family tradition around here and I’m sharing my favorite flavor – cream cheese! You can even make these ahead and keep them in the freezer to have homemade pastries whenever the craving strikes. #makeaheadbreakfast #homemadepastry #creamcheese #danish #pastry #kolache

Summer Dessert Round-up

Summer break is in full swing here and I’m craving fun desserts. As the temp goes up my desire to be heating up the house for a batch of cookies or cupcakes. I still do make those during the summer, but usually only on the cooler, stormy days. During the summer I want ice cream, no bake items, and other desserts that are super easy to throw together. 

I haven’t made all of these but I have made a good portion of them. If you try one, let me know what you think! I plan on trying a few of the recipes that are new to me so I’ll try and let you know what I think. As with all of my round-ups, these are not my pictures or recipes. Click on the title or the picture to be taken to the original recipe. 


15 Fabulous Desserts – Katie Tested, Katie Approved

That’s right folks, all the following desserts have been made and taste tested by me for your approval! I took the hit so that you wouldn’t have to scour the internet looking for a dessert recipe only to have it be sub par. There have been many recipes I’ve tried over the years that did not get a second chance in our kitchen.

But these?

These are the recipes I drool over. These are the desserts that visit me in my dreams. These are the recipes I can’t decide between when I’m making something for a special occasion. Or the not so special occasion. I’ve broken them up into categories to make it a little easier to decide. Or harder, I’m not sure. But try them out!

To get to the recipes, click on the name or image of the dessert and you will be taken to the original author’s website. I did not take any of these pictures, they all belong to the original creators! 

Nana Anna’s Banana Bread {Recipe}

I’ve been making this banana bread recipe for years! Nana Anna is my mom (hi, mom!) and she got this recipe ages ago from someone at work and it’s now one of her signature items. One of my favorite things about it is that it takes NO EGGS! This is great when I’m running low on eggs but have oodles of over ripe bananas on my counter that need to be used ASAP. It’s also great for people that have egg allergies or kiddos with egg allergies. 

One of the other best things about this recipe? It’s incredible versatile! I’ve swapped out the flour for whole wheat or a combo of all purpose and whole wheat. I’ve swapped out the white sugar for brown sugar or a combo of both. I’ve also switched out the oil for applesauce or coconut oil! The only swap I’ve never tried is honey in place of sugar so if you know how to make that swap and try it with success let me know!

My 10 Favorite Brunch Foods

Lots of people enjoy a good brunch and with Easter coming up so quickly I thought it would be a great idea to throw together a list of my favorite brunch recipes from around the web. 

Disclaimer: The links and pictures will take you to the original recipes so if you want to pin this entire post pin the collage otherwise to pin a specific recipe make sure you visit the original site! 

When I do brunch at home I like to make it buffet style so that there are a variety of choices and so people can munch as they please. In order to accomplish this I really need food that I can prep ahead of time so I’m not stuck in the kitchen the whole morning. I want to enjoy my brunch as well! 

Sweet Potato Fritters {Recipe}

Sweet potato fritters are a fun side for burgers, sloppy joes, sandwiches, or even topped with a fried egg for breakfast! The chili powder and cayenne add just enough heat to balance out the sweetness for an irresistible side dish! #sweetpotato #sidedish #breakfast #dinner