Free Printable Spring Bingo

To bring a little spring into our lives, we are playing Spring Bingo! My kids love bingo games and while I’m sure they would be perfectly happy playing Christmas Bingo all year round, I wanted something a little more seasonally appropriate. It’s filled with images of birds, insects, flowers, fresh veggies, and springtime activities so we can at least imagine what it would be like to go outside without forty layers 😉

15+ awesome (& frugal) birthday traditions

We’ve tried out multiple ways to make the birthday kiddo feel extra special over the years, and it’s always fun finding new ways to celebrate as the years go by. If you are looking for some fun new ways to celebrate with your kids then check out this list of more than fifteen fun birthday traditions you can start in your family. And even better? You won’t need to pull change out from the couch cushions to afford them 😉 

Double Digit Birthday Bag

The big 1-0. The first time turning double digits. The last time you will add a digit to your age for a LONG time. It deserves to be celebrated in an extra special way! The idea is simple – Fill a bag (or basket, or box) full of “double” items. I’m not talking about two of each item, I’m talking about things that have “double” in the name!

Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards

Christmas Bingo is always a big hit at our house. I decided to make my own version because the one I was using had several pictures that were very similar so it was hard to describe one reindeer versus another to the little kids. Plus the pictures weren’t mixed up very well so everyone won at the same time. That could be helpful in some cases but my kids are old enough now to understand that they can’t win every single time. 

A Christmas Preview with DaySpring

I’m on a Christmas kick these days! Fall is by far my favorite season but the life of a blogger means we are usually working a season ahead. I love the changing of the leaves and the fall comfort foods but suddenly I’m ready to decorate with twinkly lights and bust out the Christmas music playlists I made on Amazon Music last year! 

Halloween Flash Sale at Target!

Halloween is only six weeks away. SIX WEEKS! How many different costume ideas have your kids spouted off? One friend of mine mentioned that her daughter has come up with about ten different ideas so far and none of them have anything to do with each other so she has no idea where to start!