Your family will love this 3-year Q&A journal for kids!

I’ve seen yearly journals before while browsing on Amazon or that my friends have used and the idea is incredible – ask your child the same question year after year on the same date and document their answers. A lot can change in three years and having a place where these precious ideas are stored can offer the chance to look back and see how they’ve grown. 

Seeing God’s Provision in the Little Things

The ways God provides might not look how we expect. When the bank account looks empty and the cupboards the same we pray for a raise but God provides with a basket of fresh produce from a friend’s garden. When we get laid off and we pray for a new job and God provides with unemployment. When we want to attend an event and pray for our budget to work this month and God provides with a scholarship. Not how we expect, but provisions nonetheless.

Are you treating God’s Kingdom like a co-op or a competition?

Before you were formed God knew you. He knew the plans he had for you. They are not for anyone else and the plans for others are not for you. Sometimes God’s plans for us may look similar to another person’s but that’s only from our vantage point. When you see someone doing the work you thought was planned for you do you cheer or try to one-up her?