Words versus Actions {Three Word Wednesday}

The topic of words and what we say is a hot topic right now. All around the country people are debating on whether or not the words we say should impact what others think of us, our ability to do a job, our trustworthiness, and our general character. Many say it’s actions that are the true test of a person and not our words. Others say that words are a more accurate portrayal of a person. God has a bit to say about both of these and and I know that I have plenty to learn about this topic in my own life. 

I’m a fairly sarcastic person by nature. It’s taken me a bit of training to not always respond to the silly questions of my kids with a quick quip because I think it will be funny. At their young ages they don’t get the subtleties of sarcasm and take me at face value. At times I need to ask God to @@”Set a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips” (Psalm 141:3)@@ so that I don’t say something in jest that that the kids could take in the wrong way. I try to save my playful sarcasm for Micah who can banter back and forth with me. 

I want my words to be life giving and encouraging. At all times. Our words reflect what is in our heart and I want my words to reflect the love of Christ who dwells inside me. If I’m saying hurtful or even just less than kind things how can that be a reflection of Christ?

Find New Strength {Three Word Wednesday}

How many of you are feeling tired, worn out, like you are burning the candle at both ends and possibly in the middle as well? My hand is right up there with you! I have days where I feel like I’ve totally got all this handled and other days when I just stare at the wall because I can’t fathom finishing everything on my list so clearly the answer is to do nothing… right?

Or what about those of you with heavier struggles. You are watching your child battle a health issue. You lost your main source of income. You are burying a dear friend. Your marriage is strained. You don’t have any fight left in you to go on another day.

Dear sweet friend, I want to wrap you in my arms and hug and cry with you! But have faith for you are not alone. When you feel yourself burning out, when you aren’t sure you can endure much more of the same I encourage you to do these three things:

Renewed Joy: 5 Simple Steps to Lasting and Powerful Joy in the Lord {Book Review}

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Three Word Wednesday: Restores My Soul

What do you need your soul restored from this week? Are you drained because of something going on in your life right now? Bring it to God and ask for restoration! Are things stressful and your patience is wearing thin? Bring it to God! Are you going through some health problems that are wearing you down? Bring it to God! Ask God for your reset.