He is Risen!

Happy Easter, everyone! I am so thankful for a God that loved us so much he gave up His son so that we may have life. I’m incredibly humbled that I can be called a child of God and nothing I can do can earn this title but I am given it freely by accepting …

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I get out what I put in: A reminder about sowing and reaping

We all know how it works. You can only reap what you choose to sow. We can only achieve the dreams that we put forth the effort to work towards.  And so many other wordings of the same idea.

Sometimes I need this truth to knock me upside the head. 

Back in 2010 I put in major effort to lose the baby weight I had put on after back to back pregnancies with my two oldest boys. I was hanging on to about seventy extra pounds and hated the way all my clothes fit. I knew we weren’t planning on another baby for a while so I put my mind to it and worked hard. I watched my portions, I worked out four to five days per week, I said no to extra treats, and basically worked harder than I had in quite a long time.

Being His Hands and Feet

It was a completely normal pregnancy up until about 35 weeks. Well, other than being a twin pregnancy it was a normal pregnancy. My doctor was amazed at how well my body was handling the stress of carrying two babies, especially with how much trouble I had with Mercedes. 

At my 35 week check up my blood pressure had spiked. I got sent immediately to Labor & Delivery. I didn’t even get to pack a bag, I was told I would be there for a couple hours to do a non-stress test and some lab work. A couple hours passed and I was now being admitted for at least the weekend, if not until they decided the boys needed to come out. 

Three Word Wednesday: Follow His Path

I’m linking this up over at 152 Insights to My Soul.

From Kristin: #ThreeWordWednesday is simple, really. I know we’re all busy with life and kids and jobs and parents and friends and church and whatever else it is that occupies our time. Some weeks I’m not sure what my post will be about, but knowing people will show up here on Wednesdays is good motivation to write something.#ThreeWordWednesday is a chance to pause and hear God. Sum up what you’re hearing in three words. Those three words are enough. But stories are good too.

When joy is hard to find

There are seasons of life when finding any spark of joy feels impossible. Whether it be financial hardship, death, infertility, depression, marriage troubles, or sickness, finding joy when life is piling on difficult circumstances can seem futile. 

At the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 I experienced two back to back miscarriages.

We had been trying for our third child for five months when I saw the two pink lines on Christmas morning. I was elated! Two days later I started bleeding. I would have been about 4 weeks along. 

At the end of January I got another positive test! This time all seemed well. I went to my 8-week appointment and was hit with the news. The baby had no heartbeat. I went home and had to wait to miscarry.