How I fit in quiet time as a mom of five – and how you can too!

Spending quality time with God is vital to our life, but with the chaos of everyday needs bouncing around our heads and tasks that need to be completed, it can feel nearly impossible at times to get a few moments of peace, let alone enough time to strengthen our faith. How can we fit in quiet time with God when we have so many other things that need our attention? 

Today was hard

I don’t know if it was the four day weekend, the extremely cold temperatures keeping us cooped up inside, or something else throwing off the normal groove of the house, but today was hard. 

The kids were riled up. Typical sibling squabbles escalated quickly, common house rules were ignored and even with reminders were still broken. Screams echoed around the house as the kids yelled harsh words at each other. No one listened the first time when directions were given. 

Today was hard. 

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So what’s the big deal with the bundle? Why do I want my readers to get in on this deal? 

Because I’m guessing like me you sometimes struggle to find a balance between raising the kids, getting homemaking tasks done, finding quiet time with God, being a good wife, and who knows what else. Even just the homemaking tasks alone can be daunting to manage, let alone all the other stuff! 

Bible journaling supplies for any budget

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A Christmas Preview with DaySpring

I’m on a Christmas kick these days! Fall is by far my favorite season but the life of a blogger means we are usually working a season ahead. I love the changing of the leaves and the fall comfort foods but suddenly I’m ready to decorate with twinkly lights and bust out the Christmas music playlists I made on Amazon Music last year! 

Seeing God’s Provision in the Little Things

The ways God provides might not look how we expect. When the bank account looks empty and the cupboards the same we pray for a raise but God provides with a basket of fresh produce from a friend’s garden. When we get laid off and we pray for a new job and God provides with unemployment. When we want to attend an event and pray for our budget to work this month and God provides with a scholarship. Not how we expect, but provisions nonetheless.