50+ Bible Verses to Pray Over Your Husband

How do you pray for the people and relationships in your life? We pray over our marriage every night and we each pray for each other, but these are regular prayers with our own words. Nothing wrong with that at all, but do you ever pray using scripture?

I searched and searched and while there are hundreds, if not thousands of verses you can use as prayers, I wanted to pull out a manageable number. I started with about twenty verses but as I searched I came across more and more that really spoke to me and I knew I needed to expand my list. As I wrote each verse as a prayer I inserted Micah’s name and could feel the power these prayers can have. God’s Word is living and active – it’s no wonder I could sense the Spirit moving in me!

Spending and saving your tax return wisely (so you don’t end up with buyer’s remorse)

It’s tax return time and some people are getting back less than past years or needing to pay in, others are seeing returns that are larger than expected. It’s easy to get dollar bill signs floating in our eyes and want to go buy ALL THE THINGS!

But hold on!

Before you go on a spending spree at Target or Amazon, or book that dream vacation, take a look at this list of ideas of how to spend your tax return wisely, so you aren’t regretting your purchases when the rose colored glasses come off.

7 things pray over your relationship

I came into our relationship slightly intimidated by Micah’s relationship with Jesus. I was a BRAND NEW Christian and the whole “praying out loud with others” thing was still new and intimidating to me. But Micah was a true man of God and never made me feel less than for how I prayed.

A look back through 10 years of marriage

Ten years!? Have we really been married that long? I’m pretty sure I’m only in my early to mid 20’s so there’s no way it’s been ten years. Oh, wait… 

It’s true. We are celebrating ten amazing years of marriage this week so I thought it would be fun to show you a picture from each year since we tied the knot. It was wonderful to look back through all my old folders of pictures to find one from each year to share. Lots of silly memories, forgotten adventures, and normal every day things that I’m glad I took the time to capture. Do you ever look back through all your old photos?