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How to create an evening routine to set your morning up for success

If there is one thing our mornings have taught me it’s that a good morning will always begin the night before. It’s nearly impossible to have a successful morning if you don’t do anything to prep ahead of time. It doesn’t need to be anything extensive or take lots of extra time. A good evening routine is about a few simple steps to help your mornings start on the best foot possible!

Double Digit Birthday Bag

The big 1-0. The first time turning double digits. The last time you will add a digit to your age for a LONG time. It deserves to be celebrated in an extra special way! The idea is simple – Fill a bag (or basket, or box) full of “double” items. I’m not talking about two of each item, I’m talking about things that have “double” in the name!

Four Life Lessons from My Raspberry Patch

Each summer I have anticipated a larger return, only to wonder why my plants weren’t producing. Oh sure, we’d get a cup or two total, but with the amount of plants we had I thought for sure we should be getting more! I mean, a typical picking produced enough for the kids and I to each get a couple berries – not exactly what we were hoping for!

Only this summer, four years after moving in, did the lesson I didn’t know I needed sink in. And not just about raspberries, but about everything.

3 excuses you need to stop using NOW

We all have these lists of activities or goals we want but most of us seem content keeping them as a wish list. Okay, maybe not so content. We love to daydream of what life would look like if we said goodbye to the daily grind of our 9-5 job and started our own business, or how fulfilling it would be to help out at the teen pregnancy center in town, but that’s as far as we get. We dream. We let the voices of doubt creep in and set our dreams and wishes aside.