Book Reviews

Seeing God’s Provision in the Little Things

The ways God provides might not look how we expect. When the bank account looks empty and the cupboards the same we pray for a raise but God provides with a basket of fresh produce from a friend’s garden. When we get laid off and we pray for a new job and God provides with unemployment. When we want to attend an event and pray for our budget to work this month and God provides with a scholarship. Not how we expect, but provisions nonetheless.

What I’m Reading {August}

I’ve been on a book roll this month and wanted to share a round up and quick blurb about the books I’ve finished in August and those I’m still working on. I’m really enjoying having several books going on at once because I can pick up what I’m in the mood for each day rather than needing to get all the way through one book before moving on to a new type. 

3 simple ways to make new friends

I walked into the room and immediately wanted to walk back out. I had already dropped both my boys off in their respective rooms and listened carefully for their cries. It was a new place for all three of us and I’m not sure who felt more uncomfortable. I at least knew one person but she was busy with others and hadn’t noticed me. 

I sat alone at a table and picked up a piece of paper to keep myself busy. What else could I do in a room full of women that seemed to know each other already?