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Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards

Christmas Bingo is always a big hit at our house. I decided to make my own version because the one I was using had several pictures that were very similar so it was hard to describe one reindeer versus another to the little kids. Plus the pictures weren’t mixed up very well so everyone won at the same time. That could be helpful in some cases but my kids are old enough now to understand that they can’t win every single time. 

New Sales & Deals Page

I love a good bargain. Love, love, love. And I love passing on a good deal to friends. I’m frequently sharing deals I find in texts, in person, and on Facebook. But I don’t get to update all of you with deals as often as I like because I’d be posting CONSTANTLY. 

Let’s create healthy habits *before* the holidays are here

I’ll be the first to admit I tend to overdo it at the holidays. There are so many incredible treats and foods that I have a really hard time restraining myself to small tastes of each thing. Not to mention that we are so focused on everything else that smart, healthy choices like getting enough water, enough sleep, and enough self-care go right out the window. And then we pay for it when the holidays are over and we are left feeling drained and not knowing how to get back on track. 

But what if you could set up some healthy habits now that can carry through the hustle of the holidays? 

Don’t miss this Flash Sale! It’s your second (and last) chance at the 2017 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!

So what’s the big deal with the bundle? Why do I want my readers to get in on this deal? 

Because I’m guessing like me you sometimes struggle to find a balance between raising the kids, getting homemaking tasks done, finding quiet time with God, being a good wife, and who knows what else. Even just the homemaking tasks alone can be daunting to manage, let alone all the other stuff! 

Halloween Flash Sale at Target!

Halloween is only six weeks away. SIX WEEKS! How many different costume ideas have your kids spouted off? One friend of mine mentioned that her daughter has come up with about ten different ideas so far and none of them have anything to do with each other so she has no idea where to start!