Goal Setting

My Monthly Goals – {Update on September & Goals for October}

What the heck happened to September? I know for certain I packed too much on my plate because my own goals got pushed to the side since they weren’t urgent. Not a good plan! While I enjoyed everything I did and the book launches I was a part of and the places I got to go… I’m bummed I didn’t get my goals checked off. But thankfully I’ve learned that my worth is not based on a finished to do list and I can give myself grace to see all the good that did get done. 

My Monthly Goals {Update on July and My Goals for August}

It hit me the other day that we are less than five months from Christmas. Ack! I’ve got to get thinking about gifts to spread out all that spending or at least make sure our bonus accounts are being tended so we have that little bit of extra cash. 

However, it’s still 90* outside so I’ll put off Christmas for a few more minutes while I realize I haven’t done a lick of school shopping.