101 Things I Love

I love getting to know the bloggers I follow just a little better because it helps me relate on a more personal level with them. Hearing about their days, their joys, their struggles… it really helps build a community. So with that I thought a list of 101 things I love would be a great way to give all of you a little window into me. And since my blog is all about finding joy this is just a list full of things that almost always bring me joy!

Fair warning: This is kind of a brain dump post. As in anything and everything that I love could pop into my head at any moment and get added to the list. No specific order. Welcome to the insanity that is my mind. 

(Note: This post contains affiliate links. Possibly several of them. Check out the disclosure policy to find out more.)

  1. Jesus (bet you didn’t see that one coming!)
  2. My Micah-pants (or that one)
  3. My kiddos (I know this one is a total surprise too!)

    Okay, okay, you want to read about loves that you may not know… on to the rest of the list!

My favorite “me time” moments

As a mom of five kids between ages one and seven my “me-time” is obviously quite limited. Heck, any mom of any kids usually has a limited amount of “me-time.” In order to maintain any semblance of sanity and “Katie” as a person I have a few activities I enjoy that don’t take much time, money, or effort to enjoy.

My Favorite Blogs

How can I narrow down a list of my favorite bloggers so I don’t overwhelm people? Yikes. I’m going to try!  Money Saving MomI swear everyone I know already knows about her but just in case you don’t! Crystal Paine is such a fabulous person. She is down to earth, sweet, and sincere in everything …

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The Brick Collection: A LEGO love story

Once upon a time there was a guy that loved Transformers. This guy also loved a gal that he had asked to be his wife. This gal was on a girls’ weekend with her friends doing wedding planning stuff when she wanted to buy him a present.

She wandered into a LEGO store because she saw a set that looked like a brick-built Transformer. So she bought it. 

This ended the couples dark ages. 

Favorite Children’s Books

Did you know it was Read Across America Day this week? I’m a couple days late to the party (oops!) but I still wanted to share our favorite children’s books! These are books that our kids love to read or listen to and that we don’t mind reading over and over again!

A self portrait and five random facts

In an effort to help all of you get to know me better I’m going to be doing some fun posts this month that allow me to share a little bit more about myself, my interests, my family, and whatever else I come up with to dish out! Sound good? Let’s go!