Product Reviews

All I need is a little bit – make that a lot of bit – of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus

I have a coffee problem. And I have no problem admitting it. I also have a coffee cup problem. Although  I refuse to classify it as a problem. I enjoy fun mugs. I want my mugs to be something more than a regular, boring, ordinary mug. I want my mugs to have personality and to remind me of what’s important in life. It seems silly but what a better way to enjoy my morning routine of coffee and reading the Bible than a mug that inspires me as well?

My Beginner Bible Journaling Experience

I think I started noticing the Bible journaling trend about a year ago. I’d scroll through Pinterest or Instagram and see these beautiful doodles, drawings, and hand lettered pages in Bibles and wonder how in the world people became so creative. 

Obviously it’s because we were created by the most creative being ever but I still wonder who was sitting with their Bible one day and decided, “I’m going to color in this.” 

Create an atmosphere of joy with your decor

I’m not interior decorator by any means. I think I’ve commented before on our style as mostly LEGO mixed with dirty socks! But dirty socks do not create an atmosphere of joy, in fact they probably detract from it.  I’ve discovered though that having decor items in our house that we love and that speak God’s truth can help point us back to the reason we have joy in the first place! 

What P90X taught me

Several months ago I talked a lot about self care and how deeply important I think it is, especially for moms of young kids. It’s far too easy to get caught up in the day to day tasks and lose ourselves in the process! We begin to exist only as “Mom” and not as “Katie” or “Amanda” or “Cari” or “Nicole.” But by finding ways we can take care of ourselves, ways to fill our own cups, we will not only hold on to our own identities we will have the ability to really pour into others.

Since becoming a mom I’ve found that I really enjoy exercise. After our second son was born I lost more than 70 pounds by doing at home workouts and cutting down my calories. I usually did a few 10 minute videos but I attempted to go through p90x at this point. I missed lots of days and didn’t push myself as hard as I probably could have. But it still felt amazing to fit into sizes I had never fit into before and feel healthy and energized for taking care of my kids.

Friday Find: Wet Brush

It’s time for another Friday Find post! This is a chance for me to tell you all about some item I’m using and give a quick review. These are products I think you could find useful as well so I want to pass along the news. If you want to know more about Friday Finds you can see this post here and it will tell you way more than what I’m going to go into right now. 

Basically what you need to know is that I’m reviewing products that I’ve actually bought with my own money – this is not a sponsored post nor did I get this product for free. Everything I’m writing is 100% my own opinion and it’s my true opinion at that. If I’m letting you know about a product that doesn’t live up to the hype I want to be honest about that. I’m all about keeping it real, no matter the circumstances. 

My Friday Find: Sweaty Bands

I came up with a new idea! Occasionally on Fridays I’m going to share with you some new (and hopefully fabulous!) finds I’ve come across. ! I’ll give you a quick review and the lowdown on where you can find them yourself if you want. 

I want these posts to be honest – not just a hype of some product I’m being paid to sponsor. Truth? I don’t have any sponsored posts! At least not yet this early in the game. Someday? Sure, hopefully. But even then I only want to tell you guys about products and companies that I actually use or think will help you in your life. I’d much rather stay true to this blogs mission of helping you love the life you have and find joy in the every day moments then make a buck. Ya with me?