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8 Favorite Cloth Diaper Supplies

After seven and a half years and five kids using cloth diapers we seem to have figured out what we like and don’t like to use. It only took until the third kid to really find our groove but we went through several trial and error methods! Maybe you can learn from our mistakes?

If you have any interest in cloth diapering you have probably heard all about how what works for one family won’t work for another. This is SO TRUE! We originally started with cotton prefolds and the pull on plastic pants. You know the ones. There is a good chance you wore them as a baby because in the 70’s and 80’s (and probably 90’s) that’s what was available! I was trying to do research on cloth when we first found out we were pregnant and was quickly overwhelmed by the choices. And there weren’t even that many! But I didn’t have anyone in real life to talk to so I defaulted to what my mom used and figured it was good enough. 

WRONG. There is a reason so many new styles have emerged. After poking Parker with far too many diaper pins during middle of the night changes and so many poop-splosions it was absurd, I knew we needed a different method. 

I found a friend from church was using cloth, saw the brand, and decided that’s what we needed. She was using pockets. I had the brilliant idea to use the pockets as covers and use the inserts as doublers. I apparently didn’t realize that they actually made snap on or velcro covers at that point in time. 

That method worked through Jamison but by the end of him using diapers I had started to actually discover other styles of diaper (like actual covers) and really wanted to revamp our stash. Thankfully we eventually found ourselves expecting a third and I went a little crazy! But because of all of the testing out we found a way of cloth diapering that we really like, that has worked well with our budget, and has ensured we don’t get cloth diaper burn out and give up. 

These are the 8 supplies that I’m not sure I could cloth diaper without!

My Favorite Movies to Watch Over and Over… (and over and over)

Are you someone that can watch a movie more than once? Micah is NOT. There are a select few movies that he doesn’t mind watching again (Star Wars, for instance) but overall, once and he’s good. 

Myself? I can watch certain movies multiple times and not get sick of them. And not just once or twice but sometimes dozens of times depending on the movie. 

Confession time: I saw Titanic SEVEN times in the theater when it came out. Yes, seven. Micah loves to tease me about that whenever he gets the chance. I was twelve or thirteen and thought Leo was just beautiful, what can I say. Twenty one hours of my life in the span of a couple months dedicated to uncomfortable theater chairs showed my dedication to that movie… yeah, the movie. Ha!