My Completely Honest Review of the 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

Have you heard about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and want to know what it’s all about? Here is my completely honest review, both the good and the bad of the bundle, who should buy the bundle and who should skip it, as well as my favorite products that I’m enjoying.

 Should you buy the Ultimate HOmemaking Bundle? Read my completely honest review and my final verdict
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Spring has sprung and with it our desire to whip our homes into shape after keeping them closed up all winter. Ultimate Bundles knows this and wants to help you make homemaking easier. Each spring they introduce a new Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and today is the day it is open for purchase!

This review is going to go over the nitty gritty of what the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is and how it can help (or not help) you. I want this to be an honest review so I’ll be covering who this bundle is for, who shouldn’t buy it, my favorite products, and my final impressions.

What is the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

Every year since 2012 the team at Ultimate Bundles has put together a collection of resources and products from your favorite bloggers centered around making homemaking easier.  Since 2012 over 127,000 women have purchased a copy to learn practical strategies for decreasing stress and making a home (and life!) they love.

While this is the 7th Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, it’s not the same old, same old. No way. The curators behind the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle (the team at Ultimate Bundles) cook up a fresh, new bundle each year. That way, they’re able to create a collection of the most inspiring and helpful resources out there… all to help YOU make the best of the season you’re in.

The creators behind these resources are 100+ women who have struggled with the same things as you, but have learned (and will teach you) how to simplify their homes, declutter & organize, put healthy meals on the table, nurture strong family relationships, and practice good self-care.

Who is the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for?

  • Moms

The majority of the products in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle are aimed at women with kids, plain and simple. You don’t have to be a mom to purchase or find value in the bundle, but at least half the products are about parenting, motherhood, or activities for kids.

  • Women

While a man could get some wisdom from some of the products, almost all are written for a target audience of women. Obviously resources about decluttering, cleaning, organization, and general faith growth could be used by all, but the courses about fashion, make-up, and women’s faith will be a miss for the guys.

  • Anyone looking to learn new skills, improve their homemaking, and create a home/life they love

There is such a huge variety of information in this bundle that most people can find a topic or a handful of resources that excites them in this bundle. If you are looking to clear the clutter out of your home there are 7 decluttering products. Ready to pour some serious focus into your marriage? The bundle includes 6 great products including coordinating books, one for the wife and one for the husband! Feeling overwhelmed with motherhood? There are more than ten products to encourage, inspire, and motivate you in your journey as a mom.

Who isn’t the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for?

  • Families who are struggling financially

I would never insist you purchase a product that would take money away from you paying your bills and providing for your family. Yes, these products are great, but not at the expense of your well-being. There are plenty of quality free resources out there that can help you in many of these areas.

  • People who collect but never use what they buy

If you tend to purchase things (both physical and digital) because they are a super great deal but never get around to using the items, then this will not be a great idea for you. Why add 100+ more digital items to your life and then never utilize them?

For some people the idea of 100+ resources is overwhelming so they have no idea where to start. Ultimate Bundles offers a cheat sheet upgrade for the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for an extra $10. It is a guide to help you understand what each resource covers in a short amount of time so you can decide exactly which products to dive into first.

  • Homemaking gurus that struggle with nothing whatsoever

If you are someone that struggles with nothing at all then this bundle has nothing to offer you. Clearly there are never dirty dishes in your sink and your coffee table is free of clutter. You are the perfect parent, spouse, and friend. You have everything in your world organized, you’ve mastered the art of everything, and are simply perfect in every way 😉 Okay, obviously that is an extreme exaggeration but if you aren’t feeling like there is something in this bundle that can help you right now, then don’t buy it. Seek out a product or free resource that helps you where you are, not what someone else insists you need for a non-existent problem in your life.

What is the value and cost of the 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

The 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle contains 104 products worth $2,294.37. The value of the products comes from what creators charge for their products when sold on their own. The price you pay is $29.97.

There are a few upgrade options:

  • Add on the cheat sheets to help you go through the bundle faster, making it easier to choose which resources are right for you and deciding where to start. The cheat sheets cost an additional $10.
  • For the first time ever a faith mini-bundle can be added to the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. It’s called the Invest in Your Faith mini-bundle and it contains 10 products to help you grow your faith and strengthen your relationship with Christ. There are already 13 products in the faith category in the bundle (plus several others that have a faith foundation) so you could buy the bundle + upgrade and get nearly $500 in faith resources for only $36.95.

What is included in the 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

The bundle alone includes

  • 27 eBooks
  • 30 eCourses & videos
  • 25 printables
  • 16 workbooks
  • 3 summits
  • 2 membership sites

You’ll also get bonuses worth $367.85 which include:

 bonus items for the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle from Cultivate What Matters
  • Printable postcards, printable calendar, and a $15 shop credit from Hope Ink

    Emily Hope, the artist behind Hope Ink, loves creating inspirational hand-lettered art to brighten up homes and living spaces. (Value $119)

  • Chapstick, relief salve, and soap bar from Puro Co

    Puro Co is a small batch, body care company that uses high quality, safe ingredients to create their skincare products.(Value $22)

  • $15 credit to Cultivate What Matters

    Cultivate What Matters was created to help you live more intentionally. Use your $15 credit for their Write the Word Bible Journals, PowerSheets – the ultimate intentional goal planner, goal guides, or any of their other goal-oriented products. Value $15)

  • 4 Month Membership to You Need A Budget (YNAB)

    YNAB will teach you how to gain control of your money so you can stop living paycheck to paycheck, get out of debt, and save more money faster. (Value $27.96)

  • 10 Free Audios from Around the World Stories

    Around the World Stories creates fun, memorable audio stories that teach children about the world’s countries and cultures while capturing their imagination and sparking their inner explorer. Each 30-minute story also comes with a parent guide full of activity ideas, recipes, printables and discussion topics. (Value $38)

  • Plus, there are 6 other bonuses from companies like Musik at Home, ListPlanit, Bookroo, Fit2B, Orglamix, and TriLight Health!
 Is the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle a Scam? Is it worth the money? Read my COmpletely Honest Review of the 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

What is different in the 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle compared to prior years?

The team at Ultimate Bundles really wants to focus on aspects of homemaking that aren’t included in their other bundles, and I get that. This means that a few areas that are usually included or more elaborate are cut out or trimmed down.

  • There are no budgeting/finance resources

This category has been completely removed for the 2019 version because of the Master Your Money Super Bundle that debuted earlier this year. That bundle focused on all different aspects of budgeting, finances, building income, and saving for the future. If that is your main reason for buying the Homemaking Bundle each year you’d be better off paying a bit more and grabbing Master Your Money instead.

  • There are only a couple meal planning resources

Normally the Ultimate Homemaking Bundles is filled with meal planning courses, printables, and cookbooks. Not this year! The 2018 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle had about 15 meal planning products and this year there is a printable pack and a meal planning course. Why the change? The 2019 Healthy Meal Planning Bundle was jam-packed with 1000+ recipes and more than 30 meal plans that include shopping lists.

  • The faith section is more for family faith

In prior years the faith section contained several Bible studies and faith resources. There are still several faith products, 13 to be exact, but no Bible studies this year. There are several resources for teaching verses to the kids or workbooks and courses that are Biblically based. If you want additional faith products you can upgrade your Ultimate Homemaking Bundle to include the Live Your Faith Mini Bundle for an additional $7.

What are the pros & cons of the 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

  • Pro: Creativity & Decor section

I’m not sure this section has ever been so diverse. It contains products that cover topics such as hand stitching, hand lettering, picking color palettes for coloring, choosing paint colors for your home, embroidery, and more. I’ve already signed up for several of the courses and looked through the others and I’m excited to use them!

  • Con: Heavy on decluttering resources

Out of 104 products, seven of those focus on decluttering. It’s a hot topic right now so I get there are a lot of people creating products for it. I also get that different methods work for different people, but that’s still a lot focused on a single topic.

  • Pro: Self-Care isn’t all fluff

The self-care section this year isn’t all focused on the fluffy side of self-care that the world promotes. Yes, I have loved the wardrobe resources and I’m looking forward to the make-up course but self-care is so much more than clothes, make-up, and bubble baths. This section includes resources on creating an intentional life, workouts, and courage during uncertainty.

What are the best products in the 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

This is always such a challenge to list because what I think is the best might be the complete opposite of you! And not to mention it would be incredibly easy for me to list 30+ things and still want to add more. I’m going to try to keep this list between 5-10 resources that I am most excited about or that I enjoyed going through the most. Hopefully a few spark your interest!

  • Brush Lettering 101 eCourse by Shelby Abrahamsen ($47.00)

    A self-paced course designed to teach lettering newbies what they need to get started and how to quickly grow their skills.

  • ABC Bible Memory Workbook for Kids Workbook by Jennifer Smith ($10.00)

    Designed to encourage bonding with your children while you memorize 26 bible verses together with a mix of fun activities and learn praise songs together in under 20 minutes each day.

  • Color and Memorize: Encouraging Bible Verses Printable by Amy Blevins ($12.95)

    All about getting Moms and Kids in Gods word when stress threatens to invade your home.

  • Encourage My Tween’s Heart Workbook by Lee Felix ($5.95)

    Learn how to connect with your child, build character and parent their heart.

  • A Cleaner Home by the Holidays eBook by Hilary Bernstein ($9.95)

    Clean your home in time for holiday gatherings in just 12 days.

  • Surprise “Heart Attack” Printable by Kristen Skiles ($5.00)

    Skip the greeting card and give your loved one the special surprise of a “heart attack,” 30 fill-in-the-blank hearts to fill out, cut, and tape all over!

  • Time Blocking 101 Workbook by Donna Shenk ($12.00)

    Shows you how to structure your time in a more efficient and effective way to help you get more done with less stress.

  • Guilt Free Guide to Summer: Your Fail-Proof Plan to a Summer with Kids You Can Feel Good About eCourse by JoAnn Crohn ($45.00)

    This course will help you create a summer plan that both YOU and your kids can look forward to.

  • 7 Simple Days eBook by Jennifer Burger ($37.00)

    Created to help you “kick-start” your simple and intentional living journey; if you’re ready to clear the clutter and create a life you love, then this is for you!

  • Bust Out of the Makeup Rut eCourse by Alison Lumbatis ($29.00)

    This class encourages you to get out of your makeup comfort zone, empowers you with step-by-step tutorials, and gives you printable shopping lists so you know exactly what to look for when you head to the store!

Phew! I stuck to ten 😉 There are definitely others that I want to dive into as well but these are the first resources that stuck out to me when I bought my bundle and have already either gone through and enjoyed or started and have had a good experience.

I thought about trying to pick my top 2-3 and I couldn’t. I guess if forced I would say 7 Simple Days by Jennifer Burger, Brush Lettering 101 by Shelby Abrahamsen, and A Cleaner Home for the Holidays by Hilary Bernstein. Eeek! I already want to swap out but I also don’t want to lose those three. So hard to choose!

My final impressions

While I think the 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle contains lots of quality products, it’s probably only worth purchasing if you have identified products you know you will use and/or you have actively used prior year bundles. If you are sitting on a previous bundle and haven’t used it much, go back and dive in to that one.

If you haven’t purchased one before, there are definitely a wide variety of resources that can help you in the areas you want to grow. I personally am definitely interested in growing my deep cleaning skills as well as having fun artistically.

Alright, hopefully that whole spiel answered some questions and helped you decide if the 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a good choice for you and your family. I’d love to hear what bundle products have sparked your interest and what you plan on diving into first!

Will you be purchasing the 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle? What resources are you excited to use?

Let others know what you think in the comments!

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 My completely honest review of the 2019 Ultimate HOmemaking Bundle. Is it worth buying?

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