Double Digit Birthday Bag

Make your child’s 10th birthday extra special with a Double Digit Birthday Bag! Fill it with all sorts of “double” items to celebrate this milestone birthday.

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There are a few milestone birthdays in our lives. Definitely turning one is a big birthday. Many people see five as the next birthday that feels extra special because school is right around the corner.

Next in line?

The big 1-0. The first time turning double digits. The last time you will add a digit to your age for a LONG time.

It deserves to be celebrated in an extra special way!

A friend shared this idea on Facebook, but try as I might, I could not find any other ideas that listed a run down of great ideas for this gift, so I’m doing it myself!

The idea is simple – Fill a bag (or basket, or box) full of “double” items. I’m not talking about two of each item, I’m talking about things that have “double” in the name! I fudged the rules a little bit and also included “duo” because it’s not super easy to find a large assortment of items with “double” that aren’t nearly the same item. As in, you could fill an entire box just with double chocolate foods!

This gift was a HUGE hit with our son because it gave him a few special treats that he doesn’t need to share to share with his siblings. Our second oldest is already looking forward to his bag in 2020 now!

double digit birthday bag ideas

Double Digit Birthday Bag Ideas

We didn’t include every single one of these items or the full size of each of these, either., as you can see in our pictures. However, I wanted to include lots of options so you can pick and choose what items you want to put in your own Double Digit Birthday Box for the special birthday kid. Afterall, if your kid doesn’t like chocolate, you definitely want to skip those! I went for mostly chocolate items because mine LOVES it!

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Double Stuf Oreos

Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum

Ice Breaker Duos

Doublemint Gum

Double Chocolate Cookies

Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Crayola Double Doodlers

Double Chocolate Cookie Mix

Double Chocolate Krave Cereal

Double Twelve Dominoes

Double Noodle Soup

Warheads Super Sour Double Drops

Double Decker Taco Kit

Double Decker Chocolate Bar

Double Chocolate Chunk Rice Krispie Treats

What do you do to celebrate the big 1-0?

Can you think of any other “double” treats or items for me to include in my list?

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  1. I am so happy you wrote about this. We have several great-nieces/nephews and a couple of neighbor kids who have turned 10 in the past year and this gift has been a hit every time! Who knew a kid could get so excited over a can of soup!

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