Rainbow Dash Valentine's Day Box

Make your own My Little Pony Valentine’s Day box with these step-by-step instructions. We made a Rainbow Dash Valentine box but instructions are included for all the ponies!

rainbow dash valentine box

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My little girl LOVES My Little Pony. I can’t count the number of times she has watched the show, the movies, and sung various songs. It was no surprise to me when she decided to be Rainbow Dash for Halloween in 2018. I had so much fun putting this costume together and she even wore it again in 2019 because it was so chilly outside. The fleece sweatsuit was far warmer than her t-shirt and leggings for the pumpkin costume she wore to school that day. 

diy rainbow dash costume

After the fun of making a Rainbow Dash costume, I was left with multiple rolls of colored tulle and quite a bit of blue fleece fabric. What was I to do with all of these supplies? Get crafty of course! 

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I knew that a fun and colorful Valentine’s box would be perfect. 

The best part about making this box? You are really only decorating the lid! The base of the box is hidden by the tulle skirt which makes this a fairly quick project. The most time-consuming part of making the Rainbow Dash Valentine box is cutting the tulle and tying the pieces to the ribbon. Thankfully it’s repetitive and you can catch up on your favorite show or listen to a podcast while you get crafty!

What supplies are needed for a My Little Pony Valentine’s Day box?

Tips for a successful My Little Pony Valentine Box

  • Gather all your supplies and tools before you start. Nothing derails a craft project like a missing item!
  • Have a clear space to work. This box takes a decent amount of space because of needing to spread out the fleece and tulle. 
  • Consider using a large piece of cardboard to protect your table.
  • Place supplies you aren’t currently using in a container so they don’t roll away. Not that I’ve needed to chase down a runaway spool of tulle or anything!

Common Questions/FAQ About making a My Little Pony Valentine’s Day box:

  • Can I make a different pony?
    • Of course! Take a look at the pony’s color scheme and choose the correct colors for fleece, tulle, and felt.
    • Princess Twighlight: light purple fleece; navy, purple, and pink tulle; pink and white felt
    • Rarity: white fleece; purple tulle; light blue felt
    • Apple Jack: light orange fleece; yellow tulle; red and green felt
    • Pinkie Pie: light pink fleece; bright pink tulle; yellow and light blue fleece
    • Fluttershy: yellow fleece; light pink tulle; pink and teal felt
  • How can I make a different cutie mark?
  • What if I don’t have a hot glue gun?
    • A hot glue gun will be the easiest and fastest option for creating this box but craft glue will also work. You will need to allow for extra drying time, however. 

How to make a Rainbow Dash Valentine’s Day Box

Materials & Tools for Rainbow Dash Valentine Box

Step-by-Step Directions

Trace an opening on the lid of the box where the Valentine cards will fit and carefully cut it out with scissors or a craft precision knife.

Spread your fleece out on your work area and place the top of your cardboard box near a corner, about 1-2 inches from each edge. 

Using the box lid as a guide, cut around the box leaving 1-2 inches on each side. 

Place the lid in the center of your cut fleece and trace the opening. Cut a slit the long way leaving ½ inch uncut on each end. Cut to each corner from the slit. These flaps will fold into the opening.

Fold each flap into the opening and secure with hot glue. 

Cut a small square from each corner of the fleece. This will eliminate having too much extra fleece around the edges.

Fold each edge over the lid and carefully glue in place. Go a little ways at a time because hot glue dries quickly! 

Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to go around the edge of the lid plus an extra 2”. This will ensure you have enough once you start tying fleece to the ribbon. 

Decide on a length for your tulle skirt. You will double the length you want plus add an inch for the knot. I cut mine 7” long because my box was 3” high. 

Cut all your tulle and make a pile of each color. 

Leave a 1” tail of ribbon before starting your tulle skirt.

Fold the tulle in half and place it behind the ribbon with the fold above the ribbon. Bring the ends of the tulle up over the ribbon and draw it through the fold of the tulle. Pull it taut but not too tight. Repeat this with all the tulle in the rainbow pattern (for a Rainbow Dash box). 

Attach the beginning of the ribbon to a corner of the lid with a straight pin and stretch it around the edge, securing each corner. You may need to adjust the spacing as you go.

With the hot glue gun, glue down the starting corner and extra ribbon then glue every other knot in place. 

For the cutie mark, cut apart each piece and pin or trace the shapes onto the correct colors of felt. Cut each shape out. 

Position cutie mark in desired location then attach with hot glue. You are done!

To add your child’s name to the box:

Print out your child’s name in large bold font. Cut out each letter and trace them backwards onto felt. 

Cut out the felt letters and glue in place.

Please let me know if you have any questions about putting your Rainbow Dash Valentine box together!

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materials and finished my little pony valentine box

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