My first Stitch Fix box + recreate the look for less!

I finally tried StitchFix for the first time! Read my experience and then scroll to the end to find some other options for finding similar items for a fraction of the cost! 

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My fashion sense got lost somewhere in the 80’s. I take that back, everyone’s fashion sense was lost in the 80’s. I think mine got stuck in middle school when I lived in baggy pants and sweatshirts. I want to dress cute and in clothes that work for me but I honestly have NO IDEA what I’m doing. 

Thankfully we live in an internet age. I can go online and find thousands upon thousands of outfit ideas. Because of this I’ve expanded my wardrobe to include skinny jeans and tall boots, a few scarves, and even a couple dresses! 

My biggest hang-up?

Finding the items and trying them on. It’s a huge hassle! I hate lugging clothes into the dressing room and trying not to fall over while I wrestle in and out of clothing that I hope looks okay on me. And of course, I can’t really tell because the mirrors are too close to get an accurate look. Everything looks bulgy up close! 

I think this is why StitchFix was created. It had to be some woman (although one that actually has real fashion sense) that understood the struggle of trying on clothes in the store. Let us do it in our own homes, for goodness sake! 

It sounded perfect for me – someone knowledgeable about fashion choosing clothes for me and shipping them to me so I can try them on in my own home then ship back anything I don’t enjoy for free. What’s not to love?

For me, it was the cost. Stitch Fix charges a $20 styling fee for each box. This means that even if you don’t want a single item they send you are still out $20 to try on clothes. Nope, can’t do it. Then to top it off, I’d heard that the prices were far more than my normal Target clearance rack picks. I mean, I’m a girl that has a hard time paying more than $10 for a shirt and $20 for bottoms. I am not a boutique girl. I am the one scouring the clearance racks at every store to see if I can find items I think will work. So I decided Stitch Fix wasn’t for me. 

But back in December Stitch Fix was offering free fixes for new members when you signed up through certain people. Erin Odom of The Humbled Homemaker shared her link in her book launch group and I immediately signed up. I was sitting in the parking lot of my kids’ school waiting for them to be released and I signed up right then. I love free things and even more so when it’s something I’ve been wanting to try! 

The sign up was easy and I was impressed that my box was scheduled to be delivered within a matter of days after I set up my Pinterest Inspiration board. Then it was the anxious countdown until it arrived! 

I did a live unboxing on Instagram but of course the video didn’t save. Bummer! I really appreciated how nicely the clothes were packed with the tiissue paper neatly folded and taped shut. There were also several cards included that explained what the pieces I received were and how to mix and match them as well as other outfit ideas – exactly what this fashion dud needs! 

I immediately loved four of the five pieces I pulled out and was a little worried I’d have a hard time sending everything back. But I still needed to try everything on! 

  • Skinny Jeggings ($78) and Mixed Material Polka Dot Denim Shirt ($38)

I really appreciated that these jeggings were soft and felt like real denim. Plus they did a great job of tucking in the mom-tummy. But they are $78. Not even in my wildest dreams could I spend that much on jeans. As much as I appreciated their tummy-taming power I could not drop that kind of cash on one item of clothing. RETURN

The mixed material shirt, though? Oh man. This is the one item I had a really hard time parting with when I needed to mail everything back. It was soft and comfortable plus – polka dots! I loved the look of this shirt and could definitely see myself wearing this shirt over and over. I even considered asking Micah to make it part of my Christmas gift. But I ultimately decided to send it back and make it a mission to find something similar for less. RETURN

  • Single Pocket Plaid Top ($38)

I really wanted to love this top but it was a tad tight in the arms and chest. I loved the length and the material though! Now I’m on a hunt for a plaid top that fits correctly because this seems like a top that I could easily incorporate into lots of outfits, especially with neutral colors that I can tie with lots of other items I already own. RETURN

  • Cardigan ($38)

Burgundy is a color I’m trying to add into my wardrobe a bit more these days so I was happy to see it in the box. Especially for the fall and winter months – it simply seems so cozy! The material on this one was really interesting. It wasn’t typical sweater material but a stretchy knit instead. This made it very forgiving in terms of size, both up or down. The neckline turned into pocket like spots but they were more just for hands, not actually holding anything. RETURN

  • Poncho ($68)

This was the one item that held no interest for me in the box. The material was incredibly soft and I wanted to cuddle up in it but the batwing like poncho look was not one I thought I would like. I was right. It felt constricting and open all at the same time plus it rose up really high when I lifted my arms. RETURN


I knew going in to this experiment that my chances of keeping anything was pretty much zero. I was tempted by the polka dot top and it’s part of the reason I extended my three day try-on window to six days so I could have more time to debate the choice. Ultimately it went back. 

The return process is incredibly easy. StitchFix provides a pre-paid return envelope for all the items and all I had to do was drop it off at the post office. There is also a check out process on the website to give feedback on the clothes they sent and for you to say which pieces you are buying and returning. 

When you choose to buy they will take you through a check out process. If you paid a styling fee that $20 will be put towards your total. If you choose to keep all five pieces they give you a discount on the total price! Pretty sweet deal if you have the funds to spend. 

Overall I enjoyed my StitchFix experience and encourage everyone to try it at least once. The clothes they sent fit my style and personality. The sweater would have been great as just an oversized sweater but the poncho style wasn’t working. The color and material was fantastic though. 


Want to try StitchFix for FREE? Sign up HERE to get your first box free – no styling fee! 


Once I got my Fix and saw the pieces that I enjoyed I really wanted to see if I could find similar items that were closer to my price range. Check out what I found! 

1. Fitted Jeggings

I found a comparable pair of skinny dark denim jeggings on Amazon and I’m super impressed by the reviews! I added a pair of these to my Amazon wishlist so I don’t forget about them. And at this price I could definitely fit them into my clothing budget in the future!


2. Mixed Media Polka Dot Shirt 

This was a hard top to match because I couldn’t find any that were exactly the same design. I found several that had floral backs but none with polka dots. I did find the shirt pictured above from Amazon that is the same basic idea and still has polka dots and again, for a significantly better price! 


3. Plaid Top

Plaid tops abound right now so it wasn’t difficult to find them. I tried to narrow my choice down to a top with a low price that still had good reviews and landed on this one. It comes in so many different colors, you can get whichever you’d prefer. 


4. Cocoon Cardigan

This sweater from Target isn’t an exact match but it’s close. The material is different – the cardigan from Stitch Fix is a springy knit type of material where the Target sweater is more of a traditional cardigan. However, the look is good and the price is perfect. I actually have this sweater in black and I LOVE IT. It’s my favorite sweater right now and I want to get it multiple colors because its so comfortable and versatile. 


5. Poncho Sweater

This sweater was difficult to find a match for but I finally learned that it’s considered a “batwing poncho” and found this sweater on Amazon. The material in the Stitch Fix sweater was incredibly soft and it doesn’t sound like the sweater from Amazon would be quite as luxurious. The look is the same so for the price it’s understandable that the material wouldn’t be quite as soft. 



Altogether these five pieces from the other stores comes to under $100 compared to the $250+ that StitchFix wanted. What a difference! 


I would definitely try StitchFix again to get more ideas of the types of clothing that could work for me without having to hunt them down myself. Getting to try things on in the comfort of my own home and get Micah’s opinion on the items is awesome. But the prices are still an issue. I think if the right piece comes along at the right price though I would splurge – I came so close with the polka dot top! 


Want to try StitchFix for FREE? 

Sign up using my referral link below and the $20 styling fee is waived! That’s right – you can get your box with five items shipped straight to your door for free. I’d love to hear what you get in your first box! 


Have you ever tried Stitch Fix?

What pieces have you loved from them? 

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