5 wardrobe staples every mom should own

Make getting ready each day a breeze with these wardrobe staples. Every mom should keep these in her closet for effortless fashion.

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The “mom uniform” is a real thing. I think I started wearing it in high school because I hated how restrictive jeans felt and I didn’t like wearing tight clothing. Hilarious since dance was my go-to activity and I spent hours upon hours each week in tights and leotards! Maybe that’s why? Did I want something free and breezy after feeling like a stuffed sausage?

Anyway. Mom uniforms. Yoga pants, leggings, oversized tees. All things that are easy to throw on in the morning and we don’t mind getting messy when we are cleaning up the thirtieth mess of the day or the baby spits up. I get it! I lived it!

But several years ago I stumbled upon Get Your Pretty On (GYPO) because one of Alison’s capsule wardrobes was included in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. I was amazed! Here were normal, regular clothes put together in super cute ways. And not only was she providing cute outfit ideas, she only used a few handfuls of items, not a massive walk-in closet worth. Finally, a fashion blogger that was on my wavelength!

I didn’t have (and still don’t have) pocketfuls of money to drop on clothes. I stick to Target clearance racks, a few Amazon items, Clothes Mentor, and thrift stores. But I also want what I buy to work with the other items in my closet and that’s why I’ve fallen in love with capsule wardrobes and GYPO Style Challenges

wardrobe staples style challenges

I’ve discovered that specific shopping lists for the type of item work really well for me. I can look at racks of clothes in a store and have no idea how to make it work together or with what I have at home. But give me ten outfit ideas using fifteen items and I’m on board. I can find those items in my closet or buy them when I find a good deal and build a wardrobe I love. 

What are wardrobe staples?

Wardrobe staples are items that rarely if ever, go out of style. They are classic pieces that work well across seasons and with the majority of your clothing. They aren’t highly trendy pieces that will end up at the back of your closet in a few months but instead become nearly daily use pieces. 

Why do moms need wardrobe staples?

Moms have enough on their plates. We tend to keep the house running, even if we have the best husband ever. I don’t have 20 minutes to stand in front of my closet and dresser deciding what to wear each day. I don’t want to keep up with all the latest trends and wonder if the pants I’m wearing or the shirt I picked makes me look like I stepped out of a time capsule. I want to look effortlessly put together and I want it to actually be effortless. Grab and go outfits are something every mom needs in her life! 

Best wardrobe staples every mom should own

After several years of using Style Challenges from GYPO and building a wardrobe I love, I’ve found there are a few pieces I gravitate towards on an almost daily basis. These five items are the ones that I believe every mom should own. They make a great foundation for a casual wardrobe but are easy enough to dress up with the right accessories. 

Striped Shirt

I currently own 3 striped shirts. Two in black & white and one in yellow & white. I wear at least one each week, but possibly more often. Each is cut differently so I justify my collection that way, but you really only need one in a true capsule wardrobe. Pick a cut and color that is flattering for your body and you will love it!

Dark Wash Jeans

I never realized how versatile dark wash jeans could be until I started wearing them. I used to think I couldn’t wear them with black because of the whole blue/black thing but I was wrong. I keep a few pairs of dark wash jeans in different cuts. I wear skinny jeans most often because I wear a lot of boots during the year but my bootcut and wide-leg jeans get worn during the spring and fall when I can wear flats.

Pick a pair of jeans that works well for your body. As a mom I’m guessing you’ve got curves that weren’t there in your non-mom years. I really like Levi Denizen Curvy jeans from Target but there are so many brands out there that have a curvy fit now. Leave the kids at home and dedicate some time to trying lots on until you find a pair you LOVE. And ignore the number on the tag. It means nothing about who you are or how much you are loved. 

My jeans don’t look very dark in this photo because of the light coming in from my deck, but I swear they are dark in real life! That being said, medium wash and light wash jeans also have their place in our closets, I just tend to reach for a dark wash pair more often, especially during the cooler months.

Solid T-Shirt

I was originally going to say a black tshirt but I realized I grab my grey tee just as often as my black tee so the point is a solid colored tee, probably in a neutral color. Neutral colors like grey, black, white, and olive (yes, olive is a neutral color!) match easily with other colors and patterns so they are the perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe. 

If you go for a white shirt make sure it’s thick enough for your bra to not show through. Bras that match your skin color are your best bet for it to not show through but always best to try it on before buying. 

Neutral Cardigan

Cardigans are one of my absolute favorite wardrobe pieces. I bet I own at least ten in various colors and styles. But I almost always reach for my black, grey, or oatmeal cardigans because they match nearly everything. The purple and teal cardigans? Not as versatile. 

I prefer longer, boyfriend-style cardigans (and bonus if they have pockets!) but you might prefer a shorter style. Pick what you love so it gets the use it deserves. 

Olive Jeans

As I mentioned above, olive is a neutral. It seems crazy that a dark green can match so many other colors but my olive jeans have become one of my favorite pairs of pants. Mine are from Old Navy and are very stretchy, which this mom of five appreciates! 

 With these five pieces, you can already create eight outfits. Eight! That means you’d have a full week of outfits plus an extra just in case. This is why I love capsule wardrobes and wardrobe staples – lots of variety in a minimal amount of things.

Common Questions/FAQ about wardrobe staples

How can I simplify my wardrobe?

  • Go through each item individually and donate or sell anything that you don’t wear or doesn’t fit
  • Be brutally honest with yourself. If you haven’t worn it in at least a year, it should go away
  • Replace items with staples that will last through the years and seasons

Should I wait to lose weight before starting a capsule wardrobe?

  • No! You deserve to love the way you dress no matter what the scale says. If you don’t want to drop tons of money on clothing now and again when you drop the weight, look at thrift stores and consignment shops for staple pieces then invest more later.
  • You are worth it no matter what.

What shoes work with a capsule wardrobe?

Some final thoughts about wardrobe staples for moms 

Us mommas work hard to keep our homes running. We spend our days taking care of littles, cooking, cleaning, and the list goes on. We deserve to feel put together without breaking the bank or spending hours with a personal stylist. 

sahm wardrobe staples

If you are interested in building a full capsule wardrobe I highly recommend starting with the SAHM Capsule Wardrobe Builder from GYPO. This basic list is twenty items, including shoes and accessories, put together to make twenty different outfits. I love that the looks are casual enough to wear at home while playing on the floor with the kids but cute enough to go out with friends or my super sweet hubby. 

Are you set on staples but want to add a little more flash to your wardrobe? Try out a seasonal Outfit Formula! The GYPO Outfit Formula for Spring 2020 opens Friday, March 13th! Save this post so you can find it later and sign up if you are interested.

What are your favorite wardrobe staples?

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